Currently in the nail industry uses 3 types of technology nail. Among them there are one/two/three phase system. And each has its pros and cons, different from each other. Just about them and will be discussed in this article.

A single-phase system

If single-phase coating is intended for beginners, the three-phase gel nail Polish is used in the work of the professionals. First reduce the cost of the building procedure, because you do not need a large variety of inventory.
Стартовый набор для самостоятельного наращивания ногтей и гелевого маникюра.3
These gel polishes are not always able to form a desired shape nail, because they consist of a mixture of certain layers. Each of them has a purpose and consistency.

In the plate of the nail need to make a liquid primer to strengthen (it will help to reliably and soon to be absorbed into the nail). The second layer will be durable modeling. The application of both layers contributes to the ideal shape, however, and will deteriorate the quality of both phases. The gel will flow, and the layers will be modeled slow and uneven. It is not like every client.

The absence of the protective layer in a single-phase technique makes the coating susceptible to adverse factors, the lifetime is shortened. However, the problem is solved.
Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак4
To do this, first apply the base, the ends are sealed, grown of the apex. In the end, you should hold the nail plates down the hand of the client, to allow the tool to drain. This will give the nails a more perfect form. And you will be able to confidently work on.

A two-phase system

In a two-phase system is first treated with a base layer of the nail, then the course is sculpted layer. Dry them quickly base UV lamp immediately proceed to the modeling of the nail.

Three-phase system

The main difference of this system from the previous one in that the three-phase has a gel finish. It helps to eliminate stickiness, making the work more of an emergency, protects the nail from external influence. Today it is a three-phase system is considered the most advanced.

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