колготки в мелкую сеткуTights in a fine mesh look exceptionally sexy, stress relief feet, slim and effectively complement any outfit. Unlike stockings in a large grid, they allow you to create many different images without fear to look too vulgar. These tights will complement the classic suit, and extravagant outfit and seductive evening gown.


Magic mesh

Fishnet tights with one hand, cover the legs and allow the skin to breathe. Therefore, these tights is the best option for summer when in normal stockings may be too hot. These tights look very seductive and original. But if a large grid is quite a risky option, the fine mesh is appropriate in almost any situation. These tights will suit even the feet are not the most perfect shape.

Generally, any mesh emphasizes the relief of the legs, so these tights have the girls with a slender, but not too angular legs. The seam in the back will give the figure more slender – you just have to make sure that this seam is not misaligned.


Black, Nude, colored

Most sales you can meet black or body stockings in a fine mesh. Even net pantyhose is a real classic. Sexy and striking, they are perfectly combined with elegant clothes, for example, sheath dresses or tight skirts. But these tights emphasize any irregularities in your legs, therefore, are not suitable for everyone.

Much more versatile option – body stockings in a fine mesh. Many consider this accessory is absolutely necessary, especially in the summer. In such cold weather tights, they give the feet a pleasant shade and seductive shape, but not striking. Body stockings in a fine mesh suitable for the office with a strict dress code (most importantly, the mesh was really small), and going on a date, and for walks, and relaxation. They will be useful in case if the shape of the feet is far from perfect. Small mesh visually tighten full hips and accentuate slender ankles.

Body stockings in a fine mesh combined with absolutely any clothing and not look defiant. These advantages include the fact that these tights do not have the Shine that is characteristic of normal bodily stockings.

Colored mesh – lovers choice experiments. Best colored stockings in a fine mesh look with clothes and shoes to match. For example, turquoise mesh tights under a turquoise dress and turquoise shoes will allow you to create a memorable image. Contrasting combinations are not so interesting and harmonious, although brave girls can afford them.

White tights in a fine mesh are mainly designed for very slim girls. This is a great option for a summer wedding – regardless of the length of the dress. White net stockings perfectly with any light clothing, including white dresses of all styles. Their only drawback is that these tights visually increase the legs in them may seem thicker than it actually is.

Sometimes tights in a fine mesh additionally decorate circuitous patterns. These tights are well-suited for parties – they perfectly complement a cocktail dress of a simple cut. But complex patterns of the fishnets sometimes can visually degrade the shape of the legs, and this must be taken into account. In addition, from a distance, these patterns may look like sloppy spots or tightening on the legs.


A good combination

What can be combined in pantyhose wire mesh? Stylists say that these tights are very versatile. They perfectly complement sophisticated outfits with lots of decorative details, and dresses or skirts, simple silhouette.

In the office of the appropriate body stockings in a fine mesh that is worn under tight skirt to the knee or slightly below. Informally, these tights can be combined with very short skirts and Maxi length. Body stockings are perfectly combined with denim clothes, simple clothes made of natural fabrics, light airy dresses and even the classic costumes.

Black tights in small mesh perfectly with dark clothing or light clothing of dense tissue. They perfectly complement a simple cut dress with a bright print. Combined with an elegant evening gown and shoes with thin heel, these tights will look sexy. But if you wear them with a short denim skirt and a t-shirt, an alcoholic, you get quite a different way, carefree and cheerful.

With colored fishnet pantyhose even more interesting to create kits. Since these tights by themselves carry a charge of levity and frivolity, it is better that the whole image was just as frivolous. It is necessary to abandon the underscore sexuality and adjustment of each part, rather, let the outfit to be deliberately sloppy. At the same time color consistency is necessary to watch very carefully. It is desirable that the hue of the tights was repeated in the shoes and the skirt, but the blouse, you can choose colorful, with vibrant prints.

Interesting will look colored mesh tights and multi-colored dress. In this case, it is important that the tights match one of the colors, and other accessories (except shoes, which should be the same color as the tights) better to pick up other shades.

As for shoes, then there are several options. To create a relaxed image you need emphasized coarse shoes. To create a sexy and romantic look – the shoes with the colour of the tights with thin soles and thin heels. Also suitable boots, boots, school shoes Mary Jane and other models with straps, small platform. Will look good and shoes with open toes, although it is believed that these shoes are best to wear on bare legs instead of tights on.

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