колготки в крупную сеткуOnce the stockings in a large grid was considered a true symbol of vulgarity and a kind of uniform of women of easy virtue. But today, these tights appear frequently on the pages of fashion magazines: competent combination with well-chosen clothes allow this accessory “tune”, to look interesting and stylish.


Who can be interested in those pantyhose

Fishnet tights, especially large – enough drawn from the point of view of style accessory. It inevitably draws attention to the legs and to the image overall, and that means you need to look perfect. Mesh be sure to emphasize all the shortcomings of the legs is their insufficient length, curvature or unwanted fullness. Another delicate point: if wearing normal tights can sometimes be neglected thorough epilation, fishnets will definitely demonstrate to others misplaced hairs on the legs.

Therefore, this accessory is intended only to long, slender and beautiful legs. In addition, it is more suitable for young, brave, prone to experimentation girls, and not women of Mature age. Of course, you can save a youth soul to old age, but before you try mesh stockings, should carefully and impartially evaluate their appearance. And if you have the slightest doubt that this accessory will look appropriate and harmonious, it is better from it yet to unsubscribe.

Tights in the large grid overtly sexual, so by wearing them, you should be prepared for the increased attention on the part of men. Many girls generally use those pantyhose only home for intimate gatherings to impress and attract your partner. Even if the shape and age quite allow you to wear these tights, should make some effort to not look vulgar or ridiculous. Tights in large mesh very Moody, they not combine with any clothes.


The choice of mesh tights

Most popular black fishnet tights. Those pantyhose just can’t help but attract attention, and the larger the mesh, the more geeky image is obtained. Combine black net stockings, it is best to wear dark colors – with dresses of pastel shades they look too rough. Tights in the large grid with the seam up the back can be combined with elegant black heels. If no seam, it is better to give preference pointedly simple and even rough shoes. Best black mesh tights look great on a slim, but in any case not “skinny” legs.

White fishnet tights, and even in large, will only fit a very slender, even skinny girls. These tights add a few pounds visually, so those who think their legs are too full, it is better to refuse them. And there’s a very slim girl with tanned legs will look in these stockings interesting. Combine white mesh tights better with a simple Shoe type ballet shoes and plain, preferably bright outfits.

Red and other colored stockings in a large grid is clearly not ideal for walking on the street, but it will be a seductive accessory for a date at home. These tights are perfect for creating a sexy image. They can be combined with the dress and shoes in tone or try contrasting combinations. But best of all, these tights look, if they fully match the colour of the skirt and the shoes – this technique allows you to visually lengthen your legs.

Tights in the large grid pattern are ideal for parties. In combination with the dress as simple as possible cut these tights can be a key element of the image. However, it is necessary to consider that at a distance the pattern on these tights may look like dirt spots or varicose veins interlacing, that is not too attractive.

Body stockings in a large grid is the most “innocent” option, which is suitable for almost any occasion. Soft and discreet, these tights are almost invisible on the skin, not hot in summer, but the legs don’t look naked.


Pantyhose, tights

Designers offer a fun way of wearing tights in the large grid, especially in color: to be worn over solid tights. It is desirable that the bottom of the tights were cotton and smooth. Mesh on top will create interesting texture and draw attention to the legs.

You can experiment with different colors, for example, to combine smooth and mesh tights in tone or in contrast. In the first version will be able to get a very interesting relief surface, the second to the original texture will be added and the original color effect. These two-tone tights can match the colour of the clothing or to contrast with it.

It is important to note that experiments with wearing multiple pairs of pantyhose at the same time is recommended, first of all, girls with slender or even skinny legs. Two pairs of tights visually make the legs a little fuller than it actually is.



Fishnet stockings in conjunction with a very short skirt look very provocative and evoke a distinct Association with corrupt women. To look in fishnets elegantly, it is better to choose a skirt slightly above the knee. The skirt may be straight, narrow or extended, but in any case as simple as possible, without unnecessary decoration.

Generally, fishnet tights bright enough by themselves, so flashy jewelry should be abandoned. More than a simple, modest and classic will be the outfit, the better.

It will be interesting to look combined with these tights and wear a little rough, stressed asexual style: shoes with thick-soled shoes, a shapeless t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts. You can try and a long wide skirt, waving while walking.

For office will only fit corporal mesh tights, and it is desirable that the mesh was fine. Wear them better with classic suits with a skirt below the knee.

Dmitry Anokhin

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