палантин из вязаной норкиKnitted mink became popular rapidly, winning all the persons that have previously appeared in traditional smooth version. Mink fur is expensive, and not affordable to everyone, and not all women can afford to buy a beautiful mink coat or coat. Tippet from knitted mink – beautiful accessory, which when properly combined with a basic wardrobe can not only complement the clothes, but also to form the image. What it will be depends on you. Knitted mink diverse, and tippet of that cloth can vary infinitely.


Status accessory

Knitted mink as any other expensive fur, incarnate is not a binding between a and knitted interpretation is a complete accessory high class. Scarf or a wide tippet from knitted mink can be entered in different styles, not limiting myself to the evening outs. The mink fur has a long-standing status, which alone attracts attention, and the other opposite, repels.

Many young women do not consider it advisable to purchase a mink coat, worrying about what this thing will give them ten years and will hang on them the label excessive and inappropriate of the bourgeois. They refuse mink even if you have the financial ability to purchase it, preferring to stay within the image light, if not frivolous. Sometimes in order to experience all the possibilities that opens to the image of this fur, you can start with a small order first to get the hang of it. The acquisition of tippet from knitted mink might be it.

If you compare two things – a Cape or tippet of smooth mink fur and knitted, it is impossible not to notice how even with the same color and size knit tippet has a completely different character. Indeed, the usual mink for some girls might look dissimilar, image, and fur, decorated in the form of a textured knitted fabric looks new, fresh, more casual, and less pretentious. With all this in knitted mink stole exactly the same right to decorate evening images of the expensive dresses and chic shoes for sassy stilettos, like classic women’s fur capes. The dignity of knitted stole it becomes empowering to wear in everyday life.


What to wear tippet from knitted mink

  • With evening dress

It is natural that long evening dress, especially with bare shoulders and a bold neckline asks heavy tippet, which caresses the skin with natural fur. For evening wear suitable as a single-colored stoles fine knit, and very wide stoles, as plain and combined multiple colors, harmoniously interspersed along the lines of knitted pattern.

Luxuriously look stoles classical mink chocolate brown, smooth, shining black fur with diagonal stripes, mink pearl-gray hue. Amazing Shine and shimmering form mink stoles smooth knit, painted in deep shades of Burgundy, ink-purple, emerald green, chocolate. These colors mink stole for an evening out especially beneficial look in combination with the dress matching shade. Of course, if you have a busy social life, you most likely will not be able under each new outfit to pick up a new mink stole. In your power to support its shade accessory, if the fur color, and not to suffer with combinations, you can bet on understated classics.

Tippet from knitted mink fur can be worn with a fur coat, throwing it on the head and using it as a scarf. If you want to extend the life of your fur tippet, it is not recommended to wear it daily, it’s also better to provide it as an accessory for the image in street clothes only from time to time. Tippet should be in harmony with fur coats if not in texture and type of the binding (if she also knitted), colour and General Steele. If you have a coat of black and brown foxes, tippet on the head of painted bright mink may be unnecessary.

  • Autumn casual

Knitted mink stole fits perfectly in the autumn images, as the outer garment, and without it. You should not feel embarrassed to wear fur, if you have not had the snow not come winter calendar. Fur accessories in fashion, and knitted fur tippet, as elegant monochrome and colour with eye-catching knitted patterns, will always find a use in the image created in autumn colours and style.

Its easy to wear from time to time on a cashmere sweater or longsleeve worn complete with checkered trousers or skirt and high boots genuine brown leather.

Tippet from knitted mink may contain tassels on the edges and even the bells, but remember that the more this accessory additional items, the less expensive it looks. Simple version mink stole small knit dark tones perfectly adapted to many images.

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