If you have the time to care for your feet yourself, then care should include weekly one-stop cleaning, this steam out of the feet in warm or cold water, and then soften the Horny layers using a pumice stone, you can also use a scrub brush, dry and massorete cream. Use rubbing oily cream and put on cotton socks. If this procedure is to be done at least once a week, then soon your heels will be gentle and soft.
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To care for the feet in summer season gives a pleasure and made warm bath for your feet very pleasant, and the load in the summer on his feet, significantly less than in winter, but the vulnerability above: heat, insect bites, dust and straps sandals. Also in the summer of feet suffer from dryness, itching, cracking. Such problems can save you a simple and frequent washing, followed by a massage. For a variety of trays, you can add the decoction of the herb or essential oil, all of these treatments are pleasant and helpful. After some time you will be able to mix the oils and herbs to your taste.
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If you have a highly “buzzed” feet, and no time, and Affairs accumulated a lot, you can make a bath of sea salt, sprinkling it a significant amount, and keep your legs for about 15 minutes. Pain and fatigue in the legs takes place instantly. As the mixture of water and salt help to cleanse and tone the skin. This is useful not only legs, but the body produces replenish iodine.

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