Советы молодожёнам в день свадьбыThe young couple a few months before her wedding ahead thorough preparation.

It would seem, all is already provided, that eliminates any confusion in the day of wedding. Newlyweds want to believe that all on their wedding will be perfect, exactly as planned.

However, despite the thoroughness of the organization of the celebration, there is still a probability of the occurrence of any unpleasant incident. Nevertheless, should not be configured on the poor. Just do not hurt the accounting of some practical recommendations.

Any bride worried about their appearance at the wedding. On the hanger to have a white wedding dress, near perched dainty shoes and the necessary wedding accessories: handbag, veils, gloves, stockings. To all this beauty is preserved during the entire wedding event, it will have to be vigilant guard.

Solemn wedding ceremony ends prepodnosheniem young colors from relatives and friends.

These floristic masterpieces sometimes has a very colorful wrap, which can stain the dress of the bride. To avoid this trouble, is to instruct girlfriend-свидетельнице welcome greeting bouquets.

If the dress is emblazoned air translucent tulle or a great lace, the bride will have to be always on the lookout, especially being in the vicinity of Smoking guests. At the wedding table will need to be careful to treat with red wine, which will be difficult to dress if they hit it.

If the weather in the day of wedding leaves much to be desired, care must be taken to clean the hem of the dress. To potential risks in this case are puddles, the grass, the threshold of the car and stairs. Avoid пачкания precious dresses have to gracefully raise it.

Photo and video shooting

The bride and groom need to constantly remember that every movement could fix wedding photographer or video operator.

Memories when you view a wedding film footage and photos, you need to «work» for the camera. You need all the time to follow the carriage – no stoop in the shoulders should be straightened, and the back keep straight.

And, of course, at her wedding, the couple should not take administrative responsibilities on themselves. All the better for someone else to the main heroes of the holiday was tired and worried species.

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