For nail care is not necessary to spend money on a visit to the beauty salon. To provide appropriate care can be at home. For this, you will need to have:

  • The tub for moisturizing and healing treatments.
  • A nail file, preferably glass, but it is possible and paper or rubber.
  • Stick from an orange tree and moisturizer, as well as various creams for hands massage and tweezers to remove the cuticle.
  • Means on care of exfoliating nails.
  • A tool for aligning the nail surface.
  • Varnishes and liquid for purification of the nail from the nail Polish. In the composition of the solvent should not be acetone, it is harmful for nails.

Resting on household chores, while the husband holds the glazed loggia, you can do your nails. To prevent fragility of nails it is necessary to do the oil bath with addition of fresh lemon juice. Oil baths: castor, olive or corn. Oil treatments to take 1 week, exfoliating nails 2-3 times.
Советы по уходу и лечению ногтевых пластин1
To strengthen the nail plate, you need to apply bath with salt solution. For this procedure applies sea salt. Often salt procedure shall not, 2-3 times a week, not more. After the bath, skin needs moisturizer nutrition. Suitable cream with nourishing properties.

With yellowed nail plate cope lemon. You want to sink her nails into the flesh is cut in half lemon for a few minutes.
Proper care is not only moisturizing and nourishing trays, but in the manicure. Making manicure at home, you need to follow the correct procedure.

  • Processing of nails to produce dry nails in one direction.
  • Moisten the cuticle, to push a stick and tweezers to remove burrs.
  • To cover the nail tool to align the plate.
  • To varnish.

Советы по уходу и лечению ногтевых пластин
Application of a dark lacquer, it is recommended to do on the canvas. Otherwise, the nail will darken and after cleansing plate from the lacquer – turn yellow.

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