Even if you spend with a man a lot of time and you have developed a close relationship, you still may not know about all sides of his nature and can not find compatible if you completely. Because, in order to know the person, you need to see it in ALL situations. Because family life is not an endless feast and being close with your partner for a long time, you can stop to admire them, you will see negative traits, annoying habits; you can start quarrels and conflicts.

Therefore, it would be very bad before marriage to live together and to use the period of life together, as the last phase of testing your pair compatibility. It will be clear, do you get along with constant communication, you’ll be able to divide household chores, to reconcile differences and to make joint decisions. In addition, the joint life is the best way to find out the habits of the future spouse and his sexual performance, to identify gaps, invisible in normal communication.

If you do not have the opportunity to live together for a long time, then stay together for at least a month. This will allow you to “see” future family life. This month may arise such problems that the desire to marry this person will immediately disappear.

Note: If your pair avoids the usual household chores and closes his eyes to emerging conflict situations, the joint life as a way to test your compatibility loses its advantages.

It is recommended to meet with a man some time before cohabitation. Too early joint life can disturb the proper development of your relationship and the man lost the incentive to marriage. By the way, excessive tightening of the joint life can also damage your plans to get married officially!

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