Том ФордFor many decades the name Ford was tightly bound to only one incarnation, with classic black car, which was a sign of status and the symbol of the Supreme status. Even little black dress from Chanel called Ford in the world of fashion. But in the nineties, it has its own Ford, who turned it upside down, not afraid to listen to their artistic instinct. Tom Ford is an American designer, the French, Italian fashion, film Director and just a man of the brand.


Biography of the designer

Том ФордTom Ford was born in Austin, Texas, in 1961. When he was eleven, his family moved to new Mexico, quite far from the world of fashion, but in seventeen ambitious teenager went for a dream – in new York, where he began to frantically search for your destination. Unlike many of his colleagues, from childhood to something sewed or drew, thinking through the design, Ford ourselves for a long time searched, and the life that was promoted. In new York he began to work as a promotional model then entered the prestigious Parsons School of Design, where he studied interior design and architecture. But one day something stopped him from continuing his education, he realized he wanted to engage in fashion, and not for the design of buildings and decoration of premises.

Being a native-born American, but in seeking to join the fashion industry, Tom Ford quickly realized that he needed to go to Europe. The American fashion has always had his face radically different from the European one. In the United States couturier bet on the shocking, the excessive practicality, while in France and Italy prevailed chic as an integral part of a genuine high style. Ford sought to do exactly this fashion, and, as time showed, has achieved success.

So in the late eighties, leaving behind work for brands Perry Ellis and Cathy Hardwick, Ford went to conquer Europe. There he was immediately «appropriated» Italian house of Gucci, experiencing the demise of a great fashion Empire torn by management wars from the inside, which became a symbol of vulgarity in style. Dedication activities designer struck: in 1992 Ford stood at the head offices of pret-a-porter and perfumery, in parallel was engaged in promotion of the brand until completion flagship boutiques. Innovative ideas of young American constantly encountered conservative disapproving comments, Maurizio Gucci, who continually tried to dismiss настырного Yankees, which intruded into the space of the great Italian fashion. Ford tried to modify the appearance of the style Gucci, breaking old stereotypes about luxury, giving the appearance of a brand models natural chic and glamour.

In 1994, Ford became the creative Director of Gucci, and a year later the brand’s sales soared sky-high. It was the success of the iconic Italian brand, which is entirely directed Tom Ford, involving imaging advertising companies the best representatives of the industry. After the purchase of Yves Saint Laurent brand group Gucci Group Ford became artistic Director and French brand, that for him personally, it became not simply next career move. How can this audacious American in design and advertising, known all around Europe and the whole world, but Yves Saint Laurent was the idol of the Ford Foundation, and therefore work as meant for him much more than receiving a similar position in Gucci. In Europe, he continued to work until 2004, after which left a job in both houses, and started working on building its brand.


Brand Tom Ford

Том ФордFord has always been known многостаночником – it is not scared multitasking, he was used to since studies. Ambitions and creative energy beaten key, and of course, he planned to do not only with the design of clothes. His own brand Tom Ford, producing women’s and men’s clothes pret-a-porter and accessories, saw light in 2005. Ford, known for his ability to promote products, each of its collection attracts a lot of attention because of its secrecy. On them invited a limited number of industry insiders, join which is the dream of every editor of a glossy magazine. Of course, each new collection becomes an event. , Was published in 2011 line Tom Ford Beauty, which includes decorative cosmetics and perfumes. Ford will not change myself and still relies on advertising campaigns that cannot be ignored due to their provocations, sexual message and indispensable artistic expression.

In 2009 released film «a single man» with Colin Firth and Джулианной Moore. Film from Tom Ford-the Director received a prize at the Venice film Festival, where the premiere. In the movie from Tom Ford has all the same, it is appreciated in fashion label by Tom Ford. Conciseness, clarity, reticence, which have nothing to do with the banality and plainness.

Ford, which works in fashion just over two decades, is one of the most successful designers and one of the most odious figures. Tomorrow he might get annoyed fashion, and he would leave her without regrets, finding your application безапелляционному skill in another area. But while he works, creates, delights and shocking – on pleasure to those who appreciate style and quality of American fashion and European serving.

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