Toni&Guy стрижкиToni&Guy is one of the most successful and famous companies that offer gorgeous Toni&Guy haircuts, hairstyles, as well as tools for professional hair care and styling. And founded the brand was back in 1963 in London. The company’s work progressed so successfully that today it is quite rightly called the international organization. The assets of Toni&Guy 2010 consist of more than 7 thousand employees and 400 stores in 50 countries. In addition, Toni&Guy hair products are the official sponsor of London Fashion Week for the past 12 years. This ensures that all models of famous designers every year get a new unique images and successfully offer them in everyday life of girls around the world. This company has not gone unnoticed among the professionals of the fashion industry. Therefore, in 2006, Toni&Guy haircuts were awarded the title of CoolBrand, and the company was noted for outstanding achievements in the field of hairdressing.

Well, this year, the famous brand Toni&Guy pleases the original images in the style of Hi-Tec. Hairdressers approached the matter in a rather unusual format. In particular, Toni&Guy haircuts technically purchased the original shades in your hair that are intertwined. And this new product has become a favorite brainchild of technical Director Jane Stacey, which she has prepared for those IT – girls that just need new luxurious images. Truly, these Toni&Guy haircuts chic suitable for modern girls. Although the mixture of colours in the style of hi-tec don’t have anything close to familiar with all methods of hair coloring.

So exactly how you can use a professional Toni&Guy hair products? Hairdressers company is advised to learn the technique of braiding of hair from the famous brand. In particular, in one spit share hair into several braids. Painted them only on the upper layer texture KOs, and the bottom is left natural shade. Next do the multi-tone coating that create the hair. This in turn produces the effect of movement, and the hair, though, shimmer. It’s worth a try!

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