инструменты для маникюраThe instruments for manicure are things, which serve to maintain beauty and grooming hands. You can dwell on all kinds of tools for manicure. For example, it can be a nail file, scissors or forceps for nails. The choice of tools is quite large.


The nail file

The nail file needs to be of good quality, otherwise you risk to spoil your nails and make them brittle. If you have soft nails, it is better to use a glass nail file.

Nail files come in different shapes and sizes. Refer to the cheap cardboard nail files that do not have a good quality. Glass nail files are more practical, but they need to be constantly cleaned after use. In addition, they can be broken.

The best option is a nail file with aluminium base, with fine abrasive particles. It is suitable even for brittle nails.


Wooden sticks

Wooden sticks of orange tree, used to push back cuticles. Better to get sticks with a square end, so you won’t get hurt when you push back the cuticle.


Polishing block

The polishing unit is very convenient and practical to use. The most common block with four sides, from black to white. You start to buff your nails with the black side, and then gradually change direction, using color in the descending order, from dark to light.



Remove dead skin using kutikuly of pliers. Before you cut dead skin, you need to make a bath for hands, so it will be easier to cut the skin, and you won’t get hurt.


Grinding nail file

The nails were smooth and shiny, we recommend to use sanding nail file. It will help you to get rid of small strips on your nails that will facilitate the application of nail Polish.

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