зубная пастаOf toothpaste you can find the entries in the manuscripts Dating from about the fourth century before the birth of Jesus Christ. At that time the toothpaste was a mixture of salt, pepper, mint leaves and iris flowers. The Egyptians and later the Romans, used to RUB the teeth with powder, to whiten them and freshen breath. Over time in different regions as toothpaste began to use a mixture of plants, alum, ash, clay or cinnamon sticks and even roots.

At the beginning of the 19th century the teeth were cleaned with a brush and plain water, but gradually became popular tooth powder. A large part of the powders was done at home. The quality of the ingredients used chalk, pulverized brick, and salt. In 1866 began using the Wahoo. A large portion of tooth powders on this basis has done more harm than good. Since 1900 appeared toothpaste from baking soda with the addition of hydrogen peroxide solution. Ready toothpaste in packaging started to be sold in the 19th century.


Types of toothpastes

выбор зубной пастыCurrently there is a huge choice of toothpaste: with fluoride, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, for sensitive teeth, acid, gum, children, anti-caries, whitening, anti plaque, natural. But, despite the name in composition they differ little.

In the composition of industrial tooth paste that consists of water, moisturizing components, polishing components, foaming agents, thickeners, antibacterial ingredients, preservatives, dyes, odorants, calcium, fluorine:

  • Moisturizing ingredients are used to make the paste remained liquid and had not hardened upon contact with air;
  • Polishing components remove bacterial plaque and prevent staining of the tooth surface;
  • Foaming agents have a wetting, emulsion, foaming and cleansing properties;
  • Thickeners give the paste the desired consistency and viscosity;
  • Preservatives are antimicrobial substances that protect from infection;
  • Dyes added to improve the whiteness of the paste;
  • Odorants give the pasta flavor and taste.

Along with cosmetic action toothpaste has a number of additional functions: the prevention of dental caries, control of bacterial biofilm, elimination of unpleasant mouth odor, tooth sensitivity.

Quite difficult to choose the right toothpaste because of its diversity. Most toothpastes protect teeth. However, some toothpastes meet the specific needs and serve for the treatment of specific dental diseases.


Recommendations for choosing toothpaste

  • рекомендации по выбору зубной пастыCaries is an infection that affects the teeth structure. It develops when the accumulation of bacteria, food debris and saliva to form acids that destroy tooth enamel. In order to prevent tooth decay, use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Stains on teeth is a sticky coating, consisting of sugars and bacteria. If not removed daily, they will turn into Tartar. In this case, is the best fit antibacterial toothpaste.
  • A mouth ulcer is a lesion of the mucous on the inside of the cheeks or lips. It is better to brush your teeth with a soft paste, does not cause irritation.
  • With xerostomia (dry mouth) is ideal toothpaste with the same enzymes contained in the saliva with fluoride and without the cleansing component.
  • Gingivitis is caused by inflammation caused by plaque and stains. Gingivitis can lead to tooth loss. Experts recommend special anti-inflammatory paste.
  • Tooth sensitivity associated with the reduction of the gums, which opens the tooth root. Cold and hot drinks or food cause pain in the region of the channels connected with the nerve. In this case, purchase a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  • Bad breath is a problem for many. It can occur due to poor oral hygiene, gum disease, alcohol consumption, Smoking and so on. I wonder what brushing your teeth is not always enough. For fresh breath and clean tongue. You antibacterial toothpaste.

Over the years, teeth become yellow and stained from tobacco, coffee and other products containing acid. To whiten your teeth better in the clinical setting. Only a specialist can assess your needs and desires, and to recommend a suitable paste.

For children under three years is better to buy a toothpaste without fluoride. Children can swallow it, which subsequently impact on their teeth. You must use the paste in very small quantities.


Five remedies recommended by specialists

зубная паста Dentolis BIO CATTIER

  • BIO CATTIER Dentolis contains clay and propolis that effectively remove plaque. Delicate and high-foaming toothpaste has the fresh herbal aroma. Recommended for sensitive gums.
  • Cattier Dentargile “Anis” removes plaque, “Citron” is suitable for damaged gums, “Menthe” freshens breath. Three soft and pleasant toothpaste based on clay and sea salt.
  • Mineral toothpaste Logodent has a pleasant and fresh mint aroma, which retains a sense of freshness after brushing. The formula is rich in minerals, seaweed and sea salt. Ideal for soft cleaning of teeth and gums.
  • Toothpaste Weleda calendula has calming properties. Myrrh relieves the sensitivity of the gums while calcium carbonate fights plaque buildup.
  • Mint toothpaste Belle et Bio makes your breath clean and fresh.


Natural toothpaste

зубная паста LogodentOf course, the great demand for natural toothpastes without chemical components, dyes, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. You can prepare a paste at home. Here are some recipes.

Mix 20 g of calcium carbonate and 30 g of white clay. Add ½ teaspoon of powdered orris root and 2 g of baking soda. For flavor you can add 25 drops of extract of grapefruit seeds, 6-8 drops of essential oil of your choice (lavender, lemon, grapefruit, mint). For colour and freshness, add 1 g of powder of chlorophyll and 50 ml of peppermint.

Pour into a bowl 1 tablespoon of baking soda, add a dozen drops of lemon juice. Mix well.

Do not forget that natural toothpaste does not replace brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste.


What can I use toothpaste

использование зубной пастыAside from cleaning teeth, toothpaste and other applications.

  • Good toothpaste cleans silver jewelry.
  • It gives Shine to the screens of smartphones. If there is a shallow strip, it can be cleaned using toothpaste.
  • Pasta is masking some unpleasant smells. After cooking was left with the smell of garlic or other products? Don’t worry, some toothpaste and the smell of garlic or onion will disappear.
  • Thanks pasta your nails will be white again. Apply the paste on your nails, RUB them and rinse with water. There is nothing easier.
  • Toothpaste prevents fogging of glasses or mirrors in the bathroom. Just clean them with toothpaste.
  • Toothpaste can clean the joints on the tile in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
  • It relieves the pain of minor burns. First wash the affected area with cold water and then apply the toothpaste.
  • Toothpaste perfectly cleans the soleplate. Just put it on a cool iron, gently RUB with a soft cloth and rinse with water.

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