Bright and warm summer brings an abundance of colors, including nails. This season limitations in colors and brightness almost none. The only thing you should care is about caring for your hands — it can be done with a series of hand from the company of the Holy land. After all, any bright varnish looks good only on manicured hands and nails. We offer you the TOP 5 trends in manicure this season.

Shades of coral. It is quite clear that red is a timeless classic, it never goes out of fashion since invented colored nail Polish. However this season is to focus on shades of coral, lighter and brighter than the classic red.

Коралловые оттенки

The style of “nude”. Natural manicure is not only beautiful, but also very important this summer. In this case we are not talking about very potatoism the French manicure, but about shades of skin color — pale pink, beige, gold. Best of all, if the coating is “nude” will be matte, without nacreous luster.


Colored French. But the classical French this summer will come colored tunic with bright and juicy shades. This can be done not even one color on all the nails, and different shades on each finger, or for tunic metallic coating.

Цветной френч

Gradient. If we talk about salon manicure, is to make the transition from dark to light shades of one color on each nail. And here at home, you are unlikely to make this beauty your own. So just stock up 5 shades of nail Polish in the same color scheme and apply them consistently to all 5 fingers.


Empty space. This is the main trend of this season. Under this manicure is meant that the varnish or pattern is applied only on part of the nail, and part of it remains unpainted. Something like French, but with variations. Relevant in this regard remain passed to us from the past season of open holes on the nails, when all the rest is covered with color.

Пустое пространство

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