Each of us is happy to accept not only gifts, but also warm, upright, short birthday wishes from friends, relatives and acquaintances. Our ancestors celebrated this day in particular, but why it happened, and when people began to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday – no one now can’t say. What are the origins of this tradition?

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There are no data about how did this day, thousands, millions of years ago, but the assumptions in this regard are many. As you know, magic at that time played an important role in people’s lives, there were many customs, rituals and ceremonies for each celebration. The day that person was born, was considered the most special, and then, maybe, he was given more importance than we do now. Then the people knew that in a few days, before and after our day of birth, the soul is more vulnerable than usual, and you should be careful and attentive. Therefore, it is customary to invite only good friends, good people, relatives, as all words birthday, including toasts for birthday, considered as a kind of incantation. And they in turn are not only good.

According to another version, this celebration came to us after the conquest by the Roman soldiers of Persia, where he worshipped the Sun God Mithra, and the celebration of his birthday was traditional for people. So the Roman army, gradually, with subsequent victories, popularized this idea in the world.

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What customs have survived? Many people know that certain dates to celebrate not accepted. Its 40th anniversary men better be noted in the narrow family circle, without any frills. Why, just say no one can. But there must be biblical stories and Slavic traditions, regarding the human soul.

Women should not abuse the fun in 53, a child of 13, because this age is a turning point in the lives of people and sets the agenda for the near future. A common feature of all sexes, the same cannot birthday sooner or later. This is due to the fact that only on this day, our guardian angel, or the souls of dead ancestors can come to us and help hearing the wishes of loved ones and our own.

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In the sixth day of the week, and this Saturday, we shouldn’t be noisy feasts, as this day is considered a day of work and life in the coming year can change its flow in the opposite direction.

The list of gifts that it is wrong to give too extensive, starting with umbrellas, watches, and ties to the piercing and cutting items, they only bring strife and trouble. Given the handkerchief means betrayal and deceit, and the flowers yellow to parting with loved ones.

However, to believe or not to believe these signs is a purely personal matter, the main thing is that your soul rejoiced, happy smile never left your face and all your wishes came true. There is a sign that all of our desires in this day can be heard, and therefore, naduvaem candles on the cake and wait for the execution of all thought!

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