Proper nutrition. First of all to improve the condition of the nails must ensure proper and balanced diet, so it is important to eat foods that contain vitamin E, because with its help you can strengthen your nails and prevent their fragility. Your diet should include foods such as avocados. Walnuts, almonds, liver, milk, butter. Note that the largest amount of vitamin E is found in sunflower and olive oil, and embryos of wheat. When buying oil give preference to those oils which are enriched with vitamin E.

Recovery weak and brittle nails. For weak and damaged nails, you can use a proven recipe: take capsules of vitamin E, cut each of them, apply the contents of the nails, and in few minutes you can remove with a cotton pad or leave for long time for deeper impact.

Hand and nail cream. Of course, for health and beauty nail need special care, not just the right food. So choosing a base cream for hands, refer to the fact that its composition must include vitamin E, due to which the nails are strong, and the cuticle softened.

Strengthening weakened nails. To prepare nutrient mixture, add 5 drops of iodine and oil solution of vitamin E in a warm unrefined sunflower (you can olive) oil, taken in quantities of 1 teaspoon. Stir thoroughly and apply to your nails for 10-15 minutes. Regular use will help to strengthen nails and enrich them with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Tool for the active growth of the nails. Mix vegetable oil and red pepper in the same proportion, enrich the received mix half a teaspoon of oil solution of vitamin E, and after RUB the nails. Although this procedure is extremely useful for nails all the same do not abuse it. Because burning red pepper can cause an allergic reaction.

Means of strengthening exfoliating nails. Mix 1 teaspoon of vitamin E, 1 tablespoon of walnut oil and 5 drops of lemon essential oil. RUB the resulting mixture into the nail plate and cuticles daily. Course – 14 procedures.

Prevention of fragility and weakness nail. Twice a week before bedtime lubricate nails vegetable oil, enriched with vitamin E or almond or olive oil.

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