Carefully made jacket looks great on the nails, so it’s perfect for any occasion. It is in harmony and with a magnificent wedding dress, and with a strict business suit-three, will be quite appropriate for a summer party in combination with light Trouser suit. To get beautiful manicure is not necessary to use the services of highly skilled masters. Cause the nail in the order can be at home.
Often painting of nails suffering from the clasps on the top clothes. Awkward buttons, tight castles and hard to Velcro may damage the paint layer. If the varnish was of low quality, easy to scratch the nail, buttoning, such as men’s jackets Ukraine, of course, not Alaska, but there are rainy days, when, without warm clothing is necessary. So, buttoning a jacket husband or son, really spoil manicure.
Подготовка ногтей перед французским маникюром
The first thing you need to do to get quality French manicure is to prepare the nail. Carefully remove the old nail Polish special liquid without acetone, or use a special miniature napkins. They also do not contain acetone, pleasant to use and practically does not harm the nails. Then give the nail plate oval shape (square or, if desired). Use a nail file, such as glass. Podpilivat nails from the center to the edge, gently and slowly. Do not try to file the nail too much. French manicure will not look on extremely short nails. As well as any other.
Подготовка ногтей перед французским маникюром2
Smash the cuticle in the bath for hands about 10 minutes. This may not be a big bowl of broth calendula or solution aroma sea salt. After the procedure blot dry hands with a clean towel. Remove the cuticle with a special stick and carefully trim the excess skin pliers or scissors with curved blades. Again, wash your hands and dry them. The preparations are finished.

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