With the first rays of the sun, many are beginning to think about the approximation of heat and upcoming vacation. One thing to adult travel company, and another trip with a small child. Consider the main points that should be considered when planning holidays with children.

To start, decide on the mode of transport. Largely depend on your future actions. If you plan to travel by car you should buy a car seat. It should be chosen with regard to the age and weight of the child. For passenger older than three years to fit children’s car seat to 36 kg, it will be useful for a safe journey, until the child reaches the age of twelve years.
The drive offers many advantages for crumbs first year of life. At this time the children are sleeping a lot and, in addition, the drive and the motor has a sedative effect.
Путешествие с детьми. Советы родителям3
But the kids are older can get tired. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to periodically stop and exit the car. The average recommended to do it every two hours.

Take the road favorite toys and familiar things, they will help the child to adapt and soothe him. Prepare a stock of food and water for the journey.

If you decide to travel by train, decide the type of car. Often parents choose coupe, it allows easy to dress and feed the child, to change a diaper or sit on the potty. 3rd class also has its advantages. For older children it gives a possibility to freely move and play during your stay.
Путешествие с детьми. Советы родителям
Parents who plan to fly by plane you should remember that babies under one year could ill endure the pressure drops. Also organize food is much more difficult than in previous versions. But if the child has already turned four years, it is possible to master this type of transport. The main advantage of the flight is speed. You for a couple of hours can reach the destination point, instead of the two-day trips by train or car.

In conclusion I want to note that in the rest with children is important not only thorough preparation, but also a positive attitude.

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