The undeniable fact is that the hair color can change the appearance of absolutely every girl almost beyond recognition. If you decide to change something in his appearance, to draw attention to its attractive features, personalize, then you can try to experiment with a new color for the hair. To strengthen the effect and impression of change in their appearance will help knowledge of current trends in 2014. To find fashionable in 2014 shade for your hair color, offer for our readers to know what exactly shades preferred in that season.

General trends of the current season are that fashion shades of hair should be organically combine the naturalness with bright colors. Basic palette will become even greater brightness and expressiveness.
Модные оттенки волос в 2014 году.3
On peak of a fashion hit parade now the natural color is blonde, brunette, redhead, honey caramel hair color. A hallmark of the current year – tone will get many tones, which are designed to emphasize the feminine beauty.

New season, unlike in the past where were valid combinations of light colors with black hair roots, returns in fashion perfect blondes. Particularly relevant – ash blondes. The most stylish of the color will look in combination with caramel or pink. Famous stylists recommend warm colours are combined with cold, bright with pastel colors. Fashion will remain contrasting color transitions.
Ash shades stylists recommended to wear only on short haircuts, again combined with contrasting colours. As the most fashionable shade of hair season 2014 ash, try ash shades, sure, they are very much suitable. Especially stylish ash shades of hair will look with trendy this year handkerchiefs dark shades.

Those who want to look more seriously and stylish, perfect wheat shades. This color stylists called “rich”. The image of each business women and girls will complement with special care styled hair with wheat shade.

Golden hue is the color of hair, which you most will have to face if you have dark skin. However, stylists in 2014 advised to refrain from choosing too bright colors of hair. Give preference to Golden-brown color.

Trendy shades of dark hair in 2014 stylists took the hair color of chocolate. Recently it is this shade is gaining tremendous popularity. It is often possible to see models on the catwalks of the best fashion houses. Saturated color of chocolate will give will make women look more luxurious and bright.

The chief place in the season 2014 stylists deserved gave the sated red color of the hair. Various shades of red color has made it absolutely the most universal. Hair with red shades make a female image playful, impulsive, and certainly refreshing.
Those who are not afraid to experiment, try copper-red shades. Copper-red palette blends perfectly with chestnut and light strands of hair.
Модные оттенки волос в 2014 году.
Dreaming of more saturated colors, recommend dark-red shades (ruby, cherry and red-brown), he is extremely popular in 2014.

Fashionable, stylish and modern girls season 2014 gives a unique opportunity to change its image in accordance with their inner world, to look natural and prestigious. And the Council on postdoc: not Petites yourself to dye hair, for the final result may you very frustrating and disappointing. Trust specialist.

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