To give the legs a well-groomed appearance has long been not a tedious procedure, but very interesting, and everyday. Summer pedicure is essential as making it, every woman feels more confident, plus it demonstrates to everyone around her perfect legs.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины
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To increase the beauty given to everyone from nature, it is necessary to take care of ourselves. First and foremost, you must give due attention to hygiene procedures, and then cosmetic.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины2
An important component of a beautiful image for girls was correct and beautiful pedicure and manicure. Designers this year decided not to limit maiden fantasy in nail care.

Became the most popular pedicure in the direction of “nude”. Using this style, you should use bright shades such as peach or beige. It will be good to do the lace pattern is really stylish.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины4
At the peak of popularity was lucky bright saturated colors. It should be noted that upon the recommendation of the stylists, the shade of nail Polish should also be much lighter than the shade of nail pedicure.

In time, you can find a pattern for a pedicure. If it’s summer, you can choose lace up or ornament, if it’s more cold weather is good it will look leopard coloring.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины3
The most fashionable pedicure became gradient. It is interesting to look colors that flow from one into the other. This transition can be done either on a single nail, or considering all the nails.

And of course, as without French pedicure? It is characterized by its versatility and remains at its peak always.

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