The desire to be beautiful in any life circumstances or the vagaries of the weather is a natural desire of any girl or woman. Every woman daily pay maximum attention to the condition of the skin, make facial masks of the available products that are always in the kitchen (vegetables, fruit, cottage cheese, eggs) or buy in the store various means for skin care. Striving for perfection and beauty, some girls forget about the important procedure – regular pedicure. What are main stages of a pedicure?
Хитрости педикюра в домашних условиях.3
The removal of feet and toes keratinized skin, blisters. For this purpose first well steam out the skin and keep the feet in the tub with water temperature of 45 to 50 degrees. Recommended time for taking baths – 20 minutes. Then the feet and toes process cosmetic products that contribute to softening and removal of corns, keratinized skin, plantar callosities. When the procedure is executed, you can combine business with pleasure. Namely requested to wear corrective underwear, which will provide the ideal shape of the body and seductive appearance. Beloved man will not resist the charms of iskusitel who set such clothes. In order to choose and buy the right model, should visit the online shop corrective underwear for women and girls. Now, performing pedicure at home, we should not forget about the attractiveness, and what kind of clothes at this time wearing.
Хитрости педикюра в домашних условиях.
After the treatment the feet and fingers special tool is required to wait a while. Then it is necessary to remove dead skin with a stiff brush or pumice, and carefully cut off cuticle scissors. Now you can start clipping nails, nail scissors and nail Polish application. Ideally, to do a pedicure should once a month to maintain a healthy and groomed nails.

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