Classic. Secular reception or a business meeting requires a low-key, but a perfectly tailored trousers. In this case, they should be dark in color, without appealing details. Reference black pants with arrows will be most acceptable.

In the hectic business meetings in men there is absolutely no time for shopping. Need a woman to take the initiative in their hands and to update his wardrobe.

Sweet couple. Jacket and jeans have become the standard set of urban fashion. But now these things are becoming more athletic appearance: buttons give way to metal rivets, and the jeans appear worn hippie-style 70-X.

Bombers attack. So the man did not get wet in the pouring rain, pay attention to the current trend of the season – bombers, which, as the D&G fashion show, can be combined with shirts made of natural materials and vest in casual style.

Break the stereotypes. If a man is tired of regulated business dress code, feel free to send it to the dinner party or social events in a shirt with geometric prints or bright ornament from John Richmond илиFrankie Morello.

Shoes hipsters. For anybody not a secret that the shoes talking about the man much more than clothes. No wonder women looking for men, first of all, look at the shoes. Therefore, this part of the wardrobe should be given due attention. So, demi mens shoes must have insulation – case of cold feet and red nose does not decorate a real man.

Urban dandy. Fashion men’s utilitarian. Designers offer to the representatives of the stronger sex to destroy the stereotypes, boldly combining in one way unexpected and practical things. So, the fashion House Louis Vuitton encourages urban dandies wear inflated vest over a black coat to the floor.

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