брючный костюм Marlene DietrichWomen – being contradictory and insatiable in terms of fashion and beauty. They were little skirts and dresses, they took men suits, trousers and jacket, which the stronger sex has received from the best English sewing companies. In the twentieth century women emboldened declared themselves эмансипированными, independent from anyone, including from the canons of fashion, and free from social prejudice. They began to wear a pantsuit and successfully continue to do so for a hundred years, replacing all evening dresses.


Sport, feminism and Yves Saint Laurent

The fact that women started to wear trousers at the dawn of the twentieth century, was quite predictable and understandable. First, were revived the Olympic games, the sport has become incredibly popular, not only professional, but also Amateur. Run and to pedal a Bicycle in skirts, it would be awkward and strange. Women became energetic and mobile, and not only physically, but also socially.

Wave of emancipation, which noisy swept through Western Europe at the turn of two centuries, всполошила the public. Women, once submissive Housewives involved in the life and raising children, wanted to participate in the elections, holding high official positions and receive a fair wage for their work on an equal basis with men. And if all these requirements were difficult to access due to a collision with the dogmas of public morality, morality and domestic organizations, the most daring did what they have available to them – have invested their fragile figures in men’s suits.

To do this could not many, but only those that were truly free from canonized cliches. Among them were such famous feminists, movie stars and fashion, for example, pearl white, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel. The appearance of Mrs. Dietrich magazine cover in брючном suit, which she added a cigarette and a cane, caused a storm of public outrage – Puritan American public was shocked by the antics of the «blue angel».

Costumes twenties and thirties were purely male, they kept to the strict straight cut, had arrows were monochromatic black, in a thin strip or a cage. Feminine pantsuits appeared much later – in the late sixties, when in the world of fashion came Yves Saint Laurent.

In 1966, Paris saw a collection of Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, which turned conceptions of women’s image, including about her sexuality. Fashion models, who were on the podium in tuxedos, not caused shock and condemnation, and General enthusiasm. It was the year when pantsuit has become a full part of women’s wardrobe. Saint Laurent taught a woman wearing a tuxedo and not be ashamed of your attractiveness, which unthinkable was emphasized, and not concealed.

To this day pantsuit emphasizes femininity by contrast with the clear, laconic forms. Pants can be as adjoining silhouette and spacious, and it is better, if the suit is made of high-quality noble немнущейся dense fabric. Perfectly tailored fit pantsuit able to become not only a part of business image, but also to replace the traditional long dress for large celebrations, including weddings. More and more brides choose for themselves a Trouser suit, which in no way inferior to the bling traditional dress for the occasion.


Trouser suit in modern fashion

Trouser suit should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Of course, it might not be, but its presence can greatly simplify life, because he can fit in different situations when you have to look perfect, stylish, but without frills and deliberate gloss.

Suit with a close-fitting jacket, trousers black arrow, anthracite or dark blue in the thin white stripes – perfect for the business woman who can wear it to work in the office, on a business meeting in the restaurant, at the premiere of the theater, at the dinner party and even to a party with an informal dress code.

Trouser suit is perfect full of women, becoming a good alternative as business suit with pencil skirt (pants do not open the full legs), and evening dress, which some are embarrassed to wear, fearing look unattractive. Discreet costume, which is adapted to the shape is perfect, not emphasizes its disadvantages, and the thin strip of visually stretches silhouette, making your body slimmer. If to add to it the black shoes-boats heels, the image will be irresistible.

Cut of the upper part there is the woman’s. This can be free jacket in men’s style, length to mid-thigh, single-breasted fitted jacket, tuxedo with characteristic shiny lapels and plunging V-neck throat cut, and a jacket in the style of Chanel – double-breasted, with a neat rounded collar.

Pants can also be as spacious made of flowing fabric and the style of «pipes», made of thick material, adjoining silhouette. Since in Vogue cropped trousers everyday wardrobe, they gradually become established and classic брючном suit in which it is no longer necessary to completely hide shoes under long брючинами. Observing the trend of 7/8-length trousers, fashion tuxedo can be combined with stylish shoes that should be moderately expressive design.

Options Topa under the jacket is also varied. This minimalist turtleneck with a high collar, and a cashmere sweater adjoining silhouette, and a blouse shirt-frill, or an elegant tie or surround bow.

In 2013, both in men’s and women’s fashion were widely presented suits with prints, including with floral. Such version of the adepts of street fashion began to combine with original sandals, boots and even шлепанцами-вьетнамками. This means only one thing – pantsuits so firmly rooted in women’s fashion, that they are permissible even once unimaginable experiments. This is another reason why you should pay attention to one of them.

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