I’m sure many connoisseur of fashion already beginning to wonder what pants in 2014 will be in fashion. What color solutions will present fashion designers? And, of course, where buy new products at an affordable price?

Fortunately for all fashionistas, now there are many online shops where you can buy everything you need, both wholesale and retail much earlier than these novelties from famous designers will appear on counters of shops. In addition,the women’s clothing wholesale, allows you to significantly save the family budget.
Well, certainly, it is necessary to note, that will be true.
Брюки – незаменимый предмет в гардеробе2
Of course, everyone knows that the pants in the wardrobe of women are indispensable. They can be classical style, business, for everyday life.
Actual pants wide cut arrow. Look great with light chiffon blouses, регланами. Such trousers fit like a rough boots and shoes on high heels.

Remain in fashion and classic models. In 2014, of course, will be different colors. It is dark green, Burgundy and many others. Combine these pants can with sweaters, jackets and vests and add accessories. These pants are appropriate for visiting offices, theatres, and various events.
Straight trousers, also do not lose the popularity. Narrowed towards the bottom, long or short pants can be worn with a wide sweaters knit, with tight кофточками.

Banana pants fit girls with different figures, as their cut hides the true size of the hips. Very well combined with short ботильенами, as well as with high boots.
Брюки – незаменимый предмет в гардеробе3
And of course leggings. They are very convenient and practical. They can be combined with a variety of clothing and footwear. However, leggings are not for everyone girls, because they have properties to comply.

Thus, 2014 year will be full of different models of flowers.

Article publication date: November 29, 2013

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