платье туникаIn modern fashion can be difficult to know where tunic and where tunic dress and how they differ from each other. At first glance, it’s simple: the tunic is blouse or top, she needs a couple in skirts, shorts or trousers. With dress tunic is not necessary to think, what to choose, because it can be worn as a self-contained article of clothing.

But the tunic dress with pants – usual set that is worn by women of all sizes and ages. So no need to search for exact definitions in fashion, the boundaries of which are too blurred. Better to get a beautiful and stylish dresses for men to learn to wear them.

Women’s tunic dress is chosen individually, depending on the shape, style and where you intend to wear it. If possible, gather as many tunics, because wearing them, there are no restrictions. The lightest tulle, dense and light silk, comfortable knitwear, saturated colors or cheerful, rampageous neon glow that fascinates fine floral and other natural compositions – enumerate the types and advantages of these garments can be infinite. If you are interested in stylish tunic-dresses, the Internet-store of lingerie and beach service can be your assistant, direct you in the world, latest trends and opportunities of the cut and design.


Summer dress tunic

  • Stylish contrasts. Hot summer is the best time for Tunick, which are presented in the shops and online boutiques in the largest of its variants. White dress tunic is an updated version of the timeless classics, because white top is the most easy to combine the thing that good without including the design of strangers flowers and ornaments. Options of white dresses, tunics: direct or trapezoidal, in the form of a shirt or blouse with a high waist under the breast and length to mid-thigh – this model can be as long-sleeved and sleeveless by type of dress.

What to wear dress tunic white? With blue jeans, long colorful skirts of moderate breadth, with tight jeans juicy colours or classic black, full length or in the version of seven-eighths with sandals with heels. To change the perception of the garment of the same design, only need to change its color. So, black tunic dress that fit perfectly into the evening style. If you want to feel like a Queen on the event, tunic dress Chanel will help you to create a concise, yet comprehensive manner. The French brand often produces models with their logo as print. Double crossed letter With the tunic of any color will tell the people that you follow the fashion and aware of all the latest trends.

  • “The bat”. Tunic dress “bat” is created for the summer. Its wide cut allows even with strong heat to feel confident. This model has many advantages, among which the most important is the ability to mask completeness. On the other hand, do not be carried away by the charm of this tunic that can play with the figure of a cruel joke. Perfect tunic dress “bat” for women large forms should be muted colors. Slim and skinny girls can afford bright colors that attract attention to the figure, more precisely, to the dress. Tunics of such type can reach lengths up to the ankles, which is especially important in connection with the fashion style of the seventies, which year by year returns to the podium.
  • Own designers. Unconditional advantage of this model is that such tunic dress with their own hands created quickly and cost-effectively. How to sew a dress tunic? It will take a piece of fabric length in two times more than the planned length dress. The width of the cloth should be correlated with the desired length sleeveless – always measure in advance, putting material to the body on the line from one wrist to another (or from the elbow to elbow – any way you want).

Fold the fabric in half and mark, where and what form you will make the cut for the head. Once you build up the neck, you will put it on the neck and outline in chalk, and the pins, how wide you want the waist your tunic and what form you want the sleeves. On the machine stitch two seams on each side, on the sides, with the overlock. The tunic is ready.


Winter dress-tunic

Dress tunic for the winter, of course, is not so diverse in its design and used materials. In General, there are two main ways in which develops fashion tunic-dresses for the cold season. The first is the model-fine cotton, plain or patterned, which is more typical of youth style. Such models are similar to extra long version of svitshtov. The second is warm tunic-dresses of dense thick yarn. They do not deny expressive textures, traditional winter Irish style patterns. This sweater dress, which by its design closer to the dress, than to the sweater.

Dresses, tunics of fine knitwear in its design can no different from the models of textiles, with the only difference that they are mostly more laconic in colour with a predominance of calm neutral shades. They have extended area of Podol, waist under the breast, buttons neck. Thick knitted dresses, tunics are adapted to everyday life sweater dress that way tunic appears even in business style.

And thin and thick dress tunic, usually quite short, although there are exceptions to the rule. Wear them better with pants, jeans, leggings, leather pants adjacent cut and with shoes on sustainable heels. Well suited to this image suede ankle boots or high boots made of matte skin and without the abundance of accessories.

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