туника рубашкаThe garment, which came to us from ancient times and is familiar to us under the name “tunic” on the territory of ancient Slavic States was known as the “shirt”. It was our ancestors called this part of the national costume. Today we are not called tunic shirt – it would be very impolite to clothing, which can receive interesting and the most exquisite form. And the shirt tunic quite live on the territory of modern office buildings in the wardrobe of pregnant women and all those who appreciate unique fusion style.


Women’s tunic-shirt – deviation from tradition

The tunic in its canonical way is a more or less long top spacious cut. Modern fashion for a long time tried to find application tunic, from year to year offering on the catwalks and in the catalogs of different combinations of this item of clothing with skirts, shorts and trousers. The very tunic changed, extended and coracias, remaining a virgin smooth in texture or wonderfully embroidered with bugles.

Ethnics is the most favorable stylistic environment for tunics, which looks great with national ornaments on the edge of the cuffs and hem. The material for such tunics, chiffon, cotton, linen, silk, viscose, polyester. Over time, the traditions have become if not to crumble, then to soften, and appeared tunic-sweater, models of thin Jersey that can compete with warm autumn switchto.

But one of the most favorite reincarnations tunic, which allowed it to penetrate into the business closet. Soft tunic merged with a hard face, giving her a second life and many women the chance to transform your office closet, making it more comfortable and feminine.


New style tunic-shirt

The tunic-shirts are amazing quality – due to the combination of two styles, strict business and creative connecting and ethnic music, and history, it can form different combinations, becoming part of the office, relaxed casual, romantic, feminine, elegant style without a hint of vulgarity or excessive direction casual, if required.

If you still have little idea about what it looks like such a model, you can imagine a man’s shirt or women’s blouse, which at the level below the chest picked up the Darts, sewn rubber bands or adjustable laces, which lets you easily adjust the volume of the waist. It is an indispensable property makes tunic shirt model for future mothers, or women who do not wish to draw attention to the imperfection of his waist.


Types Tunick-shirts and combination possibilities

White tunic shirt helps to liven up the office of the way, giving it a touch of romanticism and femininity, does not deprive him of elegance and efficiency. Of course, do not buy for your model with a lacing, embroidered flowers and multi-colored embroideries, sufficiently limited that offers a basic version with large waist area. In this tunic can be provided by a small ruff, which looks good with worn on top strict jacket.

In the lower part of the permitting almost any combination, because if this blouse strict, then it can be worn as a classic black pants and summer linen pants – ideal image resting individual. Jeans and a white tunic shirt will be a good example of a basis for casual style, and if you add to it, for example, fur vest and boots, you can try to create an image in country style.

In the case of a country-style, fresh and original looks not white and colored tunic-shirt, for example, in a cage. This model feels great with lacing at the waist, small ruff. These shirts are recommended for women who have some imbalances in the figure: the belly is delicately hidden, and chest, if it lacks the natural splendor, will look more feminine.


Light breath and domestication of men’s shirts

Even more romance will add any image tunic, which by its design closer to strict shirt, but fabrics for summer tunic. These models are ideal girl who even in everyday life prefer the clean lines and simple, without any decor. Such tunics-shirts are created from thin fabrics, they are as free in cut along the length of the torso and radiating from his chest. Such tunics, as a rule, do quite long. In some cases, not necessarily buy tunic, it can be made of already available, but have not found a shirt.

Very elegant look tunic of a monochromatic fabric trapezoidal cut, which is quite wide in the abdomen, to create a “run” air shuttlecocks, which lie around the shape. Such tunics-shirt white particularly impressive look surrounded by expensive leather accessories shades of brown.

The tunic of men’s shirts – is a simple improvised model, which can be a little to pick up the sleeves to the elbow, to unbutton the top button, and waist catch thin or wide leather belt. If shirt covers buttocks, you can do leggings or even thick stockings. For visual style to complement such a way you can surround a tote bag and boots flat shoes.

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