туника для полныхTunics for women have always been and will remain a favorite item of clothing. Clothes based on them, allow fat ladies to feel confident and not to hesitate my imperfect figures. But to choose stylish thing specifically for your figure is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Women’s tunic for full is not just a wide tops in which it is possible to “drown”. To find the perfect item, will need to be thoughtful and objective assessment of the external data.


Blouses and tunics for full: without right for mistake

Women are overweight tend time and again to repeat the same mistake. Most often it is the desire in one fell swoop hide all the fat folds, and at the same time in the ignorance of some of the principles of visual perception korpulentny figure, clothed in this or that thing different width of the cut.


Styles Tunick for full that are worth avoiding

  • Model Tunick for full with covered neck or collar-collar

It’s very simple: the more volume you in any part of the body, the lower the amount you should add. Tunics for full ladies should provide delicate open neckline, especially if the breast is large. Deaf gates are appropriate and drapery clamp visually raises bust, making the figure in the upper part of the boundless.

  • Monochromatic light tunic

Bright shades always attracts attention and visually increase, in contrast to the dark. Tunics for full girls whose problems are concentrated mainly in the upper part of the body (bosom, full shoulders), should as much as possible to divert attention from this zone. Dim dark color, the moderate size of the print, the emphasis on the pants or skirt bright colors allow others to perceive the shape otherwise, unwittingly taking his eyes from shortcomings.

  • Knitted tunic for full – not always a good idea

Any knitwear always denser and eye perceived as a fairly large amount of fabric. For this reason, knitted tunic for full suitable not always. But all depends on the degree of completeness, the type of knitted fabric and cut tunic. Knitted tunic for women can be a good option, unless surround additions like braids, knots, crossing of diamonds, such usual for knitting things for the cold season. Categorically not suitable for problematic figures short model tight knit of voluminous yarn opened his mouth, patch pockets. Figure needs to unload and not add to her splendor. Tunic for women hook should be linked as much as possible airy, delicate, but no net. This option is suitable as a beach for slim girls large it to anything.

  • Very transparent fabric

Summer tunic for full often made of transparent fabrics, cut which does not hold down movements, but the body is not going then. Such tunics for women to buy is no difficulty, they are inexpensive and readily available. But you should remember about the great danger that awaits those who like such a chaste exposure: even stylish tunics for full suitable cut will not give the charm of the image, which will be opened with the worst hand. Cloth tunic should not expose such perspectives, drawing attention to the fat rollers on the back or hanging belly. It concerns even such seemingly democratic type of clothes as beach tunic for full, put on a swimsuit.

Not to make fatal errors, beware shades of fabrics that do not hide the skin. Choose the model Tunick full of moderately dense material printed or psychedelic paintings, floral or geometric prints, not very large, but it is expressive enough to hide the flaws from prying eyes. Perfect tunic to the beach for women can be made from fully opaque material on the basis of high-quality synthetics that dries quickly, but does not allow to steam. Such a model can fearlessly put on lingerie and swimsuit.


Fashionable tunics for full: tricks of the trade

The owners of magnificent forms have to be spent in the course of the imagination, which allows you to divert attention from the problem areas, directing it to others. Tricks such figures relate to visual restructuring of accents, which must be present in the image instead. The most important thing is to avoid the plane of style-definition lines, smoothness, which entirely and polnostyu focus on not allowing yourself to hide what I would not like to show. To any category you can walk up to the imagination, not writing off from the accounts even those options that stylists, it is strongly not advised. A simple example is tunics made of knitted fabrics for women.

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