туники для девочкиAt some point many little girls begin to dress up, trying to imitate their mothers. But we should not get involved with the whims of the younger generation, it is better to allow them to enjoy the delights of age. Even for little fashionistas always hoped worthy alternative gowns that can proliferate to vzroslymi. Between the usual children’s clothing, is it lawful for older children, there are intermediate options, for example, tunics for girls. It tunics, kids version which is no less diverse than adults.


Tunic-Mike – first casual dress

Tunic for girls five years and under should ideally look like that. If your daughter is in this age range, you should not torment the delicate baby skin synthetic materials and accessories, sin budget outfits. At this age are preferred soft natural fabrics and the best tunic for girls four years – is a simple Mike elongated silhouette, slightly flared bottom or trapezoid.

Such t-shirts for men don’t have any annoying baby items that can disrupt who also inject and cause discomfort. Tunic without sleeves summer worn with shorts, and in cool weather, you can use it as a dress, for example, by wearing thin knitted blouse. If such a thing did not look too simple, choose a tunic with pictures on the breast, and the little Princess will always appreciate it.


Elegant tunic for girls – imagination

When the daughter grows up, she can safely buy the outfits that are expressive details, but they should not be very much. Not necessary to teach the child to an abundance of decor from an early age, he will still be plenty of time to experiment with accessories. As a replacement for solid t-shirt-tunic can offer tunic-shirt with a belt under the breast area. Quite elegant satin ribbons that can be tied in a bow on the side, so it does not interfere.

This variation of the Empire style for the children’s tunic looks very peculiar, since the girl has not yet identified chest. But as he gets older she will appreciate accessories, it is important that they have been selected with taste. Do not buy tunic with rhinestones, crystals, sequins, if the girl is very small. It is better to focus on larger additions, for example, in addition to the ribbon at the waist can be fixed textile flower on the side of the shoulder.


Fashionable jacket for girls – appeal to the classics

Eventually the girls you can buy these tunics, which is absolutely the same design with older models. They can be short or long sleeves, but they always rather loose, trapezoidal, plain or from the tissues with prints, floral, striped. Such tunics, short or long, can be decorated on the edges with beads, contrasting embroidery, ethnic ornament or satin ribbon of the same color.

What to wear a tunic, which requires a delicate design of the lower body? For girls of primary school age can pick up classic jeans or pants smooth texture. If tunic color, and a figure, the lower part should be plain and in the minimalist style.

The older girl, the more she becomes allowed in terms of choice of materials. For example, the tunic for a girl of eleven years can be made not only from natural matte fabrics, you can take the material with glitter, from high-quality synthetic materials, which increases wear resistance, with appliques, embroidery in the chest, lacing, which can be described waist.


Tunic dress for girls – a step towards femininity

If tunic long enough, it can be considered a dress that is allowed to wear as an independent dress with tights or without them in summer and together with leggings, leggings, “Cycling” – fitting pants or concise straight cut trousers smooth texture and plain.

Dresses, tunics baby can no different from women, with the only difference that in children’s fashion, the emphasis is on comfort, not the effect. Tunics for girls, acting as dresses, very popular with children of all ages. Tunics of fine knitwear rush yourself, tights and shoes. Very popular striped tunic for girls, if they jerseys, they are often provided with elastic waist.


Knitted baby tunic – all stitched

In cool weather, the girl can wear knitted models. Tunic for girls with their hands in the presence of skills of handicraft made quickly and easily. You can link tunic for girls using strong thread, for example, acrylic. Acrylic has a high abrasion resistance, pleasant to the touch and not prickly, which is very important for a child. As for the pattern and density, openwork tunic for girls fit more than a tight-knit, if it fit yourself.

Tunic for a girl of twelve years and older can contain all the features of a modern adult models only need to ensure that they are not too transparent. Openwork knitted tunic better to wear on top of Matt shirts smooth texture of the same, contrasting them or skin color.

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