туники больших размеровWhen the woman plus size chooses his clothes, it faces two problems. First, you must use cut and fabric to hide all the visible flaws, and secondly, not to become similar to the dimensionless Matrona, which is due to poor choice of wardrobe forced to clothe in the bag-like clothes. Tunics large sizes become a real salvation for women not only in summer, but in the any time of year, weekdays and holidays, as it is capable to create a fashionable way to distract from problems with a figure.


Blouses and tunics big sizes to suit any taste

The advantage Tunick large size becomes a diversity of styles and variations that are open to women with forms door into the world of stylish images, not limited by a set of a few basic things. After all, what is any tunic? This top spacious cut, which can take as a business way, and a relaxed, bright summer or concise evening. This can be feminine blouse-tunic, stricter shirts that can be worn to the office, translucent chiffon Cape bat sleeves or linen shirt elongated design with embroidery on the edge. All these models can be combined with different versions of the bottom, which makes the tunic basis wardrobe full of women on all occasions.


The best models Tunick big sizes

The easiest, most popular, common tunic, which are unanimous approval of a woman with full figure is chiffon models, which are gaining the streets and beaches with the onset of the hot season. Best beach tunic large size, of course, made of chiffon, but do not hurry up to buy shapeless garment in which so sometimes want to hide all their folds and ridges. If weight is observed in the upper part of the body, it in no case should not be covered by the tunic as with a garment – careless and nestalnu. Better to pick chiffon model right cut and with a suitable print, which will work to the benefit of the figure, as not to harm her.

Look tunic with adjustable drawstring or sewn rubber band that can identify the waist, pulling his tunic in one or another area of the torso, emphasizing, for example, with beautiful Breasts and hiding full waist. Women’s tunic of large sizes with slightly flared sleeves three-quarter length always look advantageous because its cut draw the new silhouette, more graceful than he would look in baggy tunic.

Tunics-capes, as a rule, do not provide belt and represent something like a summer variant poncho. These versions also love full of women, which is not superfluous caution. These tunics look good on women who have not very big Breasts, otherwise the upper area of the body will look supermassive. This tunic in discreet solid variants well placed as top for an evening out. To wear the tunic be sure with adjacent bottom, leggings, if the legs or pencil skirts. Putting on such a model, it is necessary correctly to pick up the bag, giving preference to small clutches or models minodier. Do not overload the way spacious tote.

Dress tunic large sizes can be as excellent beach option, and a model that can form the whole evening. These outfits can be quite short, and then they can be easily combined with wide trousers, moderately narrow skirts or tight-fitting pants, provided that the tunic covers buttocks. Also tunic dress can be very long, in the style of the seventies and eighties, with numerous air draperies. Of course, such a model requires monochromicity and elegant accessories. It is better not to leave neckline without V-neck or uncovering one shoulder, if they allow it.

Beautiful tunic large sizes can be made of fine knitwear, to which should be approached very carefully. These things are good for a cool summer, late spring and early fall, they are easy to combine with jeans, forming a stylish relaxed casual style. Knitted tunic for women plus size preferred not plain and not symmetric.

To hide the flaws and completeness in certain areas, it is good to choose the model if not completely figured, printed on the chest, asymmetric, with a small draperies at the bottom. Stylish tunic large size of the fine knitwear can observe fashionable svetloty with funny drawings or applications. They especially like the young girls who do not want to pack their shape in a faceless bags.

Quality knitwear traditionally made of Polish manufacturers, so please note the tunic of the big sizes production in Poland, among which you can find as elegant models of smooth plain Jersey and youth model with prints.


Fashion tricks

When selecting a tunic is large in size, from what it was material, learn a few tricks that will emphasize the dignity of the figure. One of the main points – deep V-neckline, which badly needed girls with large Breasts. Such a cut-out allows to reveal the figure, freeing it from numerous draperies, allowing the woman to visually look slimmer. Short sleeve also makes you look thinner.

If weight is formed in the stomach, don’t be carried away by tying the waist to the thighs or under the breast, if you do not want to look pregnant. In this case you should choose a tunic with a smell that looks much neater than very broad outfit in small and bright flower. Do not forget heels – tunic of the big sizes do not tolerate flat ballet shoes.

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