бирюзовое платье в полLong dresses always look attractive, but if this dress is made of interesting fabric shade, it will certainly attract the views. Turquoise dress to the floor is an excellent idea to rest. Exciting and attractive, it will be equally good and on a walk on a summer day, and at the party in the summer twilight.


Shades of turquoise

With proper selection of shade turquoise color goes with absolutely everything. This sophisticated color is unusually diverse – it can be pale, almost invisible, or saturated, as the waves of the sea on a cloudy day, closer to green or blue shades, bright and muted.

What shades of turquoise optimally suited for gowns? It depends on many parameters – skin color, eye color, hair color, style of dress.

Most popular light turquoise shades. They can be paler and brighter, closer to blue (the color “Aqua”) or green (mint). Such tones are universal, they usually go to any shade of hair and any color of eyes, but especially well with the light blue or light gray eyes. Perhaps, only Smuglyanka should be careful with these colors, the other in pale turquoise tones look great. These colors are combined with sand, beige and coral shades. Interesting is the combination of pale turquoise blue with Sunny yellow or rich green. Combination with black and white apart from the competition. But with gray and silver shades of light turquoise should be combined with caution.

Bright turquoise tones are not for everyone. These shades often look too challenging, they may not grublet appearance. Suit bright blondes brunettes and bright, while the rest can look in a rich turquoise outfits too pale and expressionless. It is undesirable to combine bright turquoise with black, but the white looks just wonderful. Will look good this color and in combination with pale pink, blue, dark blue and even cranberry.

Dark turquoise colors resemble the color of seawater. Depending on saturation and hue they can go as blonde and brunettes. Well these colors with white, cream, silver, blue. Interesting can be a combination of lilac and lavender shades as well as pale pink and beige.


Choice of style

It is believed that turquoise color is a little fattening. But this relates primarily to bright turquoise – muted tones do not increase the volume of the body. In any case turquoise dress to the floor, it is impossible not to notice – it always attracts attention.

Typically, gowns are or summer, for holidays, or evening. During the cold season such day dresses virtually no wear, as long hemline will inevitably get dirty and dusty. Differ turquoise summer dresses from evening usually cloth. For summer, the majority of women chooses a thin cotton, linen, viscose and other fabrics that do not frying. For evening gowns perfect satin, fine knits, and maybe even velvet. Silk and chiffon dresses are versatile: they can be worn during the day and evening can become toilet when using the suitable accessories.

As a rule, gowns have a fairly simple design. They hug the body in the upper part and slightly expanded downward. It is best if these dresses are made of flowing and well draped fabrics. Since turquoise is the color dressy enough by itself, to abuse the decor is not recommended. Will look great draping and folds, flying ruffles and flounces. You can decorate turquoise dress with embroidery in tone, but contrasting jewelry doesn’t always look good.


Accessories and jewelry

What accessories it is better to choose to the turquoise dress? If dress is designed to be worn during the day, then it will be perfectly plain and bright accessories for recreation. Straw hat, bag of straw, beige sandals with flowers and you’ve got yourself a casual summer look. And you can substitute the cap to tie on the head of a pale-pink chiffon scarf, take a soft large bag with a floral pattern in pink and turquoise colour, and shoes to choose to match the dress. Interesting will look accessories decor “turquoise” and “under the coral and coral jewelry. And if you blow the cold wind, the attire can complement a shabby denim jacket or vest.

Classic summer combination is turquoise with white. Any accessories white color will be combined with the turquoise dress for both day and night. For evening summer output is well suited to large pearls and a snow-white bag with gold clasp.

When creating the image for evening out can also be combined turquoise dress with accessories to match. Shoes, perfectly matching the color with the fabric of the dress is a perfect complement. And the bag can be white, black, Golden or any other color that blends with the chosen shade of the dress. The main thing is that this color was not bright, but muted – turquoise “gets” a little with some bright colors, but blends beautifully with faded pastel colors. Particularly impressive to look set with a brilliant clutch, decorated with rhinestones or sequins.

To the turquoise dress perfect gold jewelry, including with inlays of turquoise or aquamarine. White gold and silver complement the turquoise shades, but still classic yellow gold, this color looks more harmonious. Effectively will look pearl or white earrings, necklaces, bracelets. You can experiment with shiny ornaments in black color.

Dmitry Anokhin

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