типы внешностиBasis of the theory of color type appearance lies in the combination of cold and warm earthy shades, typical for the change of seasons, warm colors correspond to the spring and autumn and cold summer and winter. Knowing about the types of appearance, it is much easier to pick up my makeup and clothing accessories.

Color combinations, which are dominated by the yellow and red color, belongs to a group of warm, that is, to the seasons of spring and autumn. Yellow color in combination with green-blue hues is a winter and summer.

First of all, look at the color of your skin, you notice some subtle: warm reddish-yellow or cold, pink and blue?

типы внешностиTake a few scarves, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and brown. Clean the face of make-up, sit down in front of the mirror in the daylight. Alternately try scarves of different colors or just push the fabric to face. You will feel the color that will be your face. The «correct» color gives the skin a soft glow, opinion becomes more expressive lips – juicier, dark circles and blemishes on the skin – less noticeable. On the other hand, негармонирующий with цветотипом appearance color to make the skin look dull and lifeless, emphasizes the bags and dark circles under the eyes, lips and gives turned a bluish tint.

If positive effect consists in giving the skin a blue-pink or olive shades, then we are dealing with cool style appearance (winter or summer), and if the correct colors gives the skin is yellowish-pink or gold shades, then you can be attributed to the warm цветотипу (spring or fall).

So you’ve decided to warm or cool type is your appearance, but inside of these major groups there are some nuances:

  • for spring palette is characteristic yellow color and its shades, but unlike the autumn range yellow, spring looks more vivid and saturated.
  • the basis of the autumn mosaic – red colour, but at the same time, natural autumn colors based on red more expressive than similar tone in the spring цветотипе.
  • summer is the variety of blue and blue hues, but the old blue more blurred and subdued compared with the blue and the blue of the winter.
  • in the winter range is also dominated by blue and blue colors, but they are much richer and more vivid summer.


Type «spring»

типы внешности Ким Бэсинджер

Kim Бэсинджер

Here the dominant partner calm, warm fresh and natural shades, this цветотип is considered to be the brightest.

For this color type is characteristic beige color of the skin with warm Golden or peach. Often, this skin is dotted are Golden brown (not gray) freckles. When tan the skin of this color becomes a delicate shade «coffee with milk», when more intensive tan can reach up to dark brown color, this is the main difference of the spring type of autumn, in which the skin is very bad tans.

Typically to this type of people are those with a hair a variety of shades of yellow, yellow, light brown, linen, Golden ash, but in any case, it is always warm, Golden natural light shades. Eyelashes and eyebrows are painted in a little darker tones. As a rule, the woman spring is a natural blonde or light light brown. This цветотипу not characterized by dark eyes, often spring eye color is gray, pistachio, yellowish-green, blue. Her lips are warm, natural pink tint. Color of eyes and hair is absolutely not in contrast with the color of skin. Type «spring» is a characteristic softness and purity of lines, to this type can be attributed Anna kournikova, Kim Бэсинджер.


Type «summer»

типы внешности Ума Турман

Uma Thurman

For « summer» preponderance of the cool shades. Skin: soft, light pink, light blue or olive shade. In conjunction with the main cold tone, the color of the skin looks thin and aristocratic, reddish tints him completely uncommon. Moles or freckles of summer-type painted in grey tone (without a mixture of brown and gold).

Representatives of summer-type (except too bright options), as a rule, well tanned, after-sun skin becomes beautiful pale peach color. Hair in this цветотипе either bright or dark, but not dark brown), with a cool ash shade, the same pigment we see on the eyebrows. Eyes – blue, grey, green, green-blue, green-grey eyes expressionless. Lips – cool pink tint. To the summer цветотипу are Jovovich, Uma Thurman, Ingeborga Dapkunaite.


Type «autumn»

типы внешности Джулия Робертс

Julia Roberts

Autumn palette is warm, rich colours. The skin in this case, the characteristic yellowish, sometimes with freckles reddish or yellowish – brown color. Hair, as a rule, from red to dark brown, eyebrows with honey-coloured lashes often bright. The eyes are light or dark brown, green, grey with Golden flecks. Lips – expressive and vivid. To this type belong Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, Andy McDowell, Nicole Kidman and Maya Plisetskaya.


Type «winter»

типы внешности Наталья Орейро

Natalia Oreiro

Winter is, first of all, cool shades. Women of this type have a bright and expressive appearance. Winter skin type is divided into two groups: the first group – marble-white skin, pinkish, a bluish tint, thin and transparent as porcelain, without a hint of any blush. The second group is the so-called southern style, brown or olive skin with cold shade, this type is characteristic pigmentation, she quickly tans, buying gentle olive-green tint.

Hair is usually the winters are dark: dark-grey, brown, blue-black, sometimes there is a platinum blond, a characteristic of «winter» slightly noticeable cold grey hair Shine. Eyelashes and eyebrows are dark. Hair color contrasts sharply with light, porcelain skin. Eyes – brown, green, dark blue or gray, eye whites are pure white. Lip color bright, with a light bluish tinge. Refers to the type of Cindy Crawford, Natalia Oreiro, Elizabeth Taylor.

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