виды бикиниBikini are very popular at present but their trendy road was a thorny one. It is today there are different types of bikini, but once every appearance of a new model caused harsh criticism from the public.


Bikini Thong

виды бикиниAlthough the first French bikini in 1946, supposedly, was a bikini Thong, it was called. The first official presentation bikini-Thong was held thanks to Glen Тороричу, agent PR, and his wife, model brandi Perret-Дюджон, at the opening of the shopping centre in the French quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1974.

Inspired by a photo of a model of Rio de Janeiro in the journal of Women’s Wear Daily, they asked a local fashion designer Lapina create for this event bikini-Thong. Models showed these bikini, taking off from the scene of a fur coat. This event was shown on TV and widely reported in Newspapers.

Bikini-Thong – one of the most popular options bikini.


T-shaped bikini

виды бикиниThe front they look like normal bikini. The back they look like a piece of dental floss. They are also called bikini-Thong.

Although stripper years wore thongs, for they appeared on the beach, needed a fashion designer. It is believed that Rudy Гернрайх, which in the mid-1960s created the first swimsuit Topless, presented modern bikini-Thong in 1974. First bikini-Thong became popular as a bathing suit in South America, particularly in Brazil. In the 1990s, Tonga are gaining popularity worldwide, and appeared on the beaches and pools in America.


Bikini Topless

виды бикини Пеги Моффитт

Peggy Моффитт

You think that bikini-Topless – it’s just a bikini Topless. The way it is now, but the way to such a bikini was arduous. Rudy Гернрайх, the same designer who turned in Thong swimsuit, in 1964 also presented Monokini» – the first swimsuit-Topless. Monokini Гернрайха was fashionable absurd, it looked like a solid swimsuit with two straps, where the chest was naked. This swimsuit opened the breast of a woman, but not her torso.

However, this image swimsuit printed Look magazine, and, despite the reaction of fashion critics, that summer Monokini sold out like hot pies although, few dared to wear them in public. By the end of the season Гернрайх sold 3000 swimwear at a price of $ 24 per share, which meant a considerable profit. The new design has attracted a lot of attention, and the edition of the San Francisco Chronicle published a photograph of a woman in Monokini, in which its open chest wore on the first page. A snapshot of the model Peggy Моффитт, famous thanks to this swimsuit, and appeared in numerous other publications.

In the mid-1960s, after the movie stars and models in Cannes and Saint-Tropez, women have started to take off the upper part of swimwear bikini, appearing on the beaches of the French Riviera. However, in the USA swimwear-Topless were not very successful. The police Department of new York received strict instructions to arrest any woman appeared in a swimsuit-Topless. In Chicago 19-year-old visitor beach was fined $ 100 for what appeared on the public beach in a bathing suit with an open chest. Her picture was spread around the world.

Bikini-Topless gradually spreading in other Western countries, many of which now allow sunbathing Topless on all or some of the beaches, either by law or by tradition. Beaches, allowing swim and sunbathe Topless, have become common in Europe, Australia and Israel. By the mid-1990s Australian researchers found that 88 percent of the students at Australian universities both sexes consider socially acceptable, if a woman opens the chest on public beaches.

In the USA, except for special nudist beaches, bikini-Topless rare. However, on the beach South Beach Miami Topless – usual case, due to the large number of European tourists and a relaxed atmosphere.


Sport bikini

виды бикиниOf course, because the bikini is a swimsuit, you might think that it is sports clothing. However, professional swimmer, as a rule, do not wear swimwear-bikini. The competition is preferable swimwear fused, because they are more convenient. The Olympic games are used swimwear with special accessories to obtain buoyancy. Olympic costumes swimmers cover the whole body including the legs, torso and chest. The more closed area, the easier it is for the athlete to swim in that suit.

However bikini all the same has to sport some relevance. Since ancient times bikini used for sports. There is evidence that the ancient Roman played Expulsim Ludere, an early version of the handball, clothing, like a bikini.

In our time, women usually wear a bikini, playing beach volleyball. That’s why TV programs broadcasting Olympic event in women’s beach volleyball, have the highest ratings.

Bikini became the official uniform of the women’s Olympic beach volleyball in 1994, showing the sexual appeal of athletes. Sale of tickets for this sport increased too. Bikini and sports level of beach volleyball players made this kind of sport is the fifth number of viewers during the 2000 Olympic games in Australia.

Often, women-athletes also wear a bikini, usually not more closed than beach volleyball.

Bikini g-string also used in surfing. Cities like Porto Seguro Brazil attract tourists thanks to the girls in bikini.

Candid bikini became an important component of the promotion of women’s sports, which caused some of the objections. In 2007, the fans voted for participating in competitions in wrestling WWE Diva contest after they saw them playing volleyball on the beach in a bikini. At the Olympic games in 2004 and 2008, participation of athletes in bikini raised eyebrows, and the emergence of girls participating in support groups on the beach during a game of beach volleyball led to dissatisfaction. The Iraqi team refused to appear in a bikini during the Asian games in Doha, Qatar, in 2006. In 2007, during the South Pacific games instead bikini sportswomen forced to wear shorts and short shirts. The Western Asian games in 2006 athletes banned appear in a bathing suit bikini, they were asked to wear long shorts.

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