To date, manicured hands, with neat nails are one of the attractive man.

And it concerns not only women but also men. Manicure today is one of the most popular services provided by any Barber in the town of Khimki.
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There are many kinds of manicure. Some of them are:

  • Manicure, which involves not only the care of the nail plate, but also trimming hangnails and cuticles, as well as the power of the nail and skin. This type of manicure is enough traumapony, since its implementation is used very sharp tools;
  • детский маникюр 3

  • European manicure does not involve conducting cutting cuticles and hangnail, and careful moving and handling, thereby they shrink in size. This manicure is ideal for people who have blood vessels close to the skin surface. This manicure at least traumatize the skin and nail plate, but noticeable results can be achieved only after the fifth or sixth procedure;
  • Основные этапы в обучении маникюру. 5

  • Hardware manicure is one of versions of the classic cut manicure . It is performed using special equipment – a device equipped with interchangeable nozzles. Built-in motor rapidly rotates the nozzle, which effectively removes from the skin surface dead cells.
  • Покрытие ногтей на длительный период

  • Japanese manicure allows you not only to give your nails a beautiful look, but also contributes to their recovery. In carrying out this manicure used drugs of natural origin, which allows to restore the nail to strengthen it. Moreover, with the implementation of manicure master employs tools that gently work on the nails and skin of hands. The result of this manicure is noticeable immediately.

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