What a difference a man or a girl? Each person’s hands and nails must be in perfect condition. Today, well-groomed hands – is the mark of an educated man. When you visit a salon eyes and run away from the types of manicure, but not everyone knows that each of them implies.

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Classic manicure

Sometimes referred to as trim or wet. If you have well-groomed hands – it is better to opt out of this type of manicure and to make more gentle. Often used as “first aid” for your hands and nails.


  • The most easy type of manicure.
  • Used if hands are very fuzzy.


  • More likely to cut the cuticle and cause infection.
  • Perhaps the appearance of burrs.

Hardware manicure

This is one of the types of European manicure. With such a technique, the regrown cuticle is cut using a special machine with diamond heads.

This procedure is carried out on dry skin. This type of manicure is recommended to use owners of problematic nails. Some professionals can hear the unjustified negative reviews.

Trust this manicure should only be a specialist, because during the procedure, you can damage the nail and its recovery will occupy a lot of time.

European manicure

Was invented in Europe and has established itself as the most secure. Another name for the mill. Is to remove the cuticle without scissors.


  • One of the safest types of manicure.
  • Painless procedure that eliminates the blood.


  • Not only suitable for those who have not very rough skin.
  • Only suitable for clients with thin skin or those who regularly visits the salon.

Hot manicure

In this procedure, the cuticle steamed in the bath using a special apparatus. And the cuticle is removed, combining with European or classical manicure. A good option for owners of dry skin and if the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin.


  • Well moisturizes the skin.
  • Makes cuticles softer.

SPA – manicure

Drugs used with this type — moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate hands. At the end of the manicure master makes the massage that accelerates the blood circulation. It stimulates blood flow to the hands and nails receive a greater amount of nutrients.


Please note that this is integrated care. At the same time moistened hands and eat, is peeling.
This procedure in just a few sessions makes the most neglected to well maintained.

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