In the past century Britain had many colonies, where he taught the people their culture and language. By the way, English in Malta, a former colony, is the second official language after the Maltese. Still the British symbolism is very popular, especially among young people. The flag of the UK can be found on clothing, handbags, wallets, notebooks, phone covers and many other things. This trend could not pass up and nail art.

Великобритания на твоих ногтях 2

The English say that this lady can be distinguished from ordinary women it is a good manicure. Before coating, the nails need to prepare: push back cuticle, to get rid of burrs, with the help of a nail file to give the nails a neat shape.

Великобритания на твоих ногтях 3

To complete the picture you will need three colors of nail Polish: blue, white and red. Before you do, cover the nail plate colorless base coat. This will give the nail smoothness, and the figure will be applied more evenly.

Neat movements apply blue lacquer, starting from the middle, so as not to stain the cuticle. So, the basis of the flag ready, now to the figure itself. For this, you will need a small brush or a special brush for Neill art. White lacquer finish drawing the cross and divide the nail on four square. They also draw a diagonal from the center to the edge. Should be something like snowflakes.

Великобритания на твоих ногтях 5

When the white varnish dries, continue drawing already red. Carefully repeat the pattern of snowflakes, but thinner brush. On diagonal lines of red lacquer should not reach the middle of the picture. That’s it – the flag ready! When drawing well is dry, cover it with a clear varnish to appear stylish gloss.

Великобритания на твоих ногтях 4

This daring and unusual manicure for young, stylish girls who are not afraid of experiments. This design, of course, does not quite fit under the style of office or an evening dress, but will look great under casual. Love the British style is expressed first and foremost in the national language. Study English abroad – the fastest way to learn a language and to join a new culture.

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