ультразвуковая чистка лицаThe aim of any beauty treatments aimed at rejuvenating the skin, is the elimination or reduction of wrinkles, improving skin tone, improving the color and texture of the skin and saturation of the skin’s moisture balance. Belonging to the category of non-invasive methods, ultrasonic face cleaning cope with all tasks without any risk for health complications, pain, bruises and a long recovery period. Ultrasound can slow the aging process, and this could not compare with him no plastic surgery.

Ultrasonic cleaning effect and security nezamyslovato procedure does not require preliminary preparation, anesthesia or taking painkillers.

The combination of ultrasonic cleaning and other salon procedures increases the efficiency of each particular methods and reduces the duration of treatment in General. Ultrasonic cleaning is a modern technology, which is based on the use of low-frequency sound waves that provide mechanical peeling, intramolecular impact and microcurrent therapy “in one bottle”.

Additional benefits of ultrasonic therapy also includes removal of such age-related skin changes, as the appearance of red acne and pigmentation. Unlike plastic surgery ultrasonic cleaning is able to cope with the ageing of the skin without any risk to health.

Innovative technology of ultrasonic cleaning regeneration of tissues, improves complexion, and the result is visible after the first session.

Ultrasonic vibration raise from the skin dead cells, ultrasonic waves increase the tone of the tissues, improve the permeability of membranes, thereby stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As a result of stimulation of these processes helps to minimize wrinkles and excessive skin pigmentation. The frictional heat activates the blood circulation. A series of procedures allows to achieve a positive, and most importantly, the long-term result.

The influence of ultrasonic vibrations allows to struggle with imperfections, and to increase the efficiency of funds for outdoor use, in particular whitening serums and moisturizers, ointments and creams for acne treatment.


Phase procedure

Phase peeling is to remove from 20% to 50% of the corneal layer of the skin. Ultrasonic vibration at very high speed interact with water molecules, resulting produces microscopic cavities or as doctors say, cavitation. The result is that the top layer of dead cells rises, the skin gets rid of superficial pigmentation, cleaned pores, while the procedure does not cause irritation and inflammation of skin. Peeling refreshes and purifies the skin, gives elasticity and beauty. After a certain number of movements ultrasonic device, the expert does to the skin of 30% or 50% solution of lactic acid, then it is removed. Due perfect compatibility with the physiological characteristics of the skin lactic acid is one of the most sparing and effective means for peeling. This acid contains a natural moisturizing agent that retains moisture and helps the skin to absorb it. This agent consists mainly of amino acids.


Phase detoxification

The second phase of ultrasonic cleaning is a procedure of sonophoresis. Sonophoresis allows antioxidants with a great weight of molecules penetrate the skin. Low-frequency waves allow gases to penetrate into liquid intercellular space. The movement of gases promotes the excretion of toxins that accumulate within us as a result of activity of free radicals and other harmful for the skin substances.

Sonophoresis allows the skin to breathe through the channels through which toxins are removed, the skin receives necessary for her health and beauty substances. Figuratively speaking, these are our skin accept with open arms. In the list of important guests include amino-peptide complex, which increases the efficiency of the whole procedure. The complex molecules penetrate deep into wrinkles and folds of skin, protecting our skin from the harmful impact of faktorova and inhibits the formation of membrane proteins, which are involved in the release of neurotransmitters. The impact of molecules directed to these changes, namely they prevent the release of catecholamine neurotransmitters that trigger the formation of wrinkles and folds in the skin.

High concentration of protein peptide is able to 68% to smooth wrinkles, improve skin elasticity to 50% and increase its saturation with moisture up to 70 %.


Microcurrent therapy

The third phase of ultrasonic cleaning is microcurrent therapy. This technology allows to improve the condition of your skin with a mild electric current. It is clinically proved that this technique allows to restore the natural electrical charge each cell. Microcurrents contribute to the increased production of collagen and elastin, which in turn improves the tone and elasticity of the skin. Microcurrents fill every cell of life, restoring weakened harmful environmental exposure to the skin.

About the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning can talk endlessly, but in a few words the effectiveness of this procedure is reduced to the following points:

  • Improvement of metabolism
  • Removing dead skin cells and renew the skin
  • Increased production of collagen and elastin
  • Stimulation of synthesis of hyaluronic acid
  • The increased blood circulation and lymph
  • Strengthen and tone the skin
  • Improve cross skin pores and the absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Minimization of acne and spots
  • Eliminating small wrinkles and minimization deep age wrinkles
  • The improvement of the skin cellulitis
  • Ultrasonic face cleaning compared to dermabrasion is more gentle and effective method.
  • Ultrasound is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the procedure is suitable for patients with acne and rosacea.

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