нижнее белье для подростковThe choice of underwear pleasure any woman who regularly provides its budget on these expensive items. But interest in them wakes up at a young age, as a necessity, dictated by the changes of the body. Lingerie for teenagers in many respects similar to the one worn by adults, but only at first glance. In reality it is a separate category of linen, the choice of which requires a reasonable approach.


Lingerie for tender age

Girls of school age are usually look forward to the time when they become available feminine undergarments. Lacy bras, cute Thong panties and other things that up to a certain point inaccessible. But mothers should be very attentive to the impulses of subsidiaries quickly become older – teen clothes should be convenient, safe, but in any case, not the caller.

The main difference teenage underwear from women is that women who have a figure already fully formed, often acquire linen is not just to cover themselves. They take into account the time of beauty and seductive chosen details, like their men, sometimes sacrificing comfort for the sake of sexy. Underwear for adolescents should be, first of all, convenient, but, fortunately, this is easily combined with fashion, beauty and in some individual style.


Selection of materials

Adolescents should not wear linen fabrics, reserved women for their seductive view details such young girls to anything. Besides, lace trimmings made of synthetic material may be irritating to the skin, that at the age of twelve to seventeen years is very sensitive due to changes in hormonal levels. Do not wear satin, what would a girl may be the shining material, silk and chiffon, too, should push for wearing in later periods.

Cotton is a great choice of underwear, a generic version to be worn every day. For convenience and extend the life of the product can be and need to purchase cotton fabrics with addition of elastic fibers. Such fabrics are good for sports bras and panties-short, they provide a snug fit, comfort and long-term preservation of the form. Quality polyester become a substitute for natural cotton in detail underwear, which includes decorative elements, such as bows or lace trimmings.


Styles underwear

At the age of about twenty years in girls personal style has not yet formed. They look at each other, copy their idols, and underwear in adolescent girls can be divided into two large groups: the first group – universal, reserved, the second is true maiden, what the Americans call a term girly, that is, Flirty, romantic, playful.

Fans laconism in the wardrobe will not pass by classical linen flesh-colored, black and white. The obvious advantage of underwear elegant style is his undeniable convenience. It is made of elastic fabric, provided seamless technology and perfect smoothness. Underwear is very tolerant of skin, it is wear-resistant, seamless bras sporting type well support a breast and suitable for its size and panties are not allocated under the clothes, and you can do without models who are like Tanga.

Great demand for girls has not yet issued feminine curves of the body are sets of shorts or classic panties and t-shirts-tops. Especially well these models fit the casual style of active girls who play sports.

Romantic details in underwear for teenage girls can be found in abundance. It and the color combinations (pink with black or white)and the decorative elements (bows, ruffles and lace), and prints with applications (cartoon characters, playful inscriptions, floral patterns). Great choice of accommodation, limited only tastes and fantasy girls. Much more important to find the right form lingerie – panties and bra.


The correct form

Tanga Thong and other trendy variations on the theme of strips with a triangle of fabric you need to leave more adult women. Even they should not wear panties constantly, not speaking about Teens having no objective need for them. Classic shorts, covering the buttocks at least half, do not cause discomfort, and as seamless shorts. Lace elements should not be rigid, as well as and should not be located in the crotch.

Proper selection of the top of the underwear depends on the need. Some girls already in the twelve-thirteen years have formed large Breasts, others live long with «единичкой». If the breast is already there, it needs support, but the younger the girl, the more carefully you need to this support take. The best option in adolescence become bra anatomical shape with plastic bones and with the line of tissue under them, to the bra crashed into the body. If the Breasts are still flat, then there is nothing better triangular bra or elastic sports. If the bra is not solid, it is better to buy a model with adjustable straps.

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