Preparation for important events in a girl’s life is always accompanied by thorough restroom. The marriage ceremony necessarily synonymous with going to the Bridal shop for a dress and accessories, a visit to the Studio of beauty, etc. Look spick and span means not to miss a single detail, including to take into account nail solution for a particular output. But to find the perfect option, you need to know all the proposals of the industry.

Необычные лаки для ногтей 3

Spectacular design

Supporters of a variety of nail design will be interesting to see beauty products:

  1. Holographic coating. Appeared as an alternative to the usual varnish. Perfectly suited to festive along the multifaceted shimmering colors.
  2. Craquelure. Such funds are interesting because as they dry “crack” and showing the bottom surface of the nail is painted a different color. The manicure looks very bright and unusual.
  3. Magnetic lacquer. Another exceptional buy. Due to the metal coating of microparticles takes the appearance that are drawn on a special plate. To get the desired effect, it must affect freshly applied layer.
  4. Matte cosmetics. Such products can effectively compete with age-old gloss and is very popular among fashionistas.
  5. Heat seal lacquer. Included in the trend due to its chemical properties: changes color depending on temperature. In the afternoon sun, he white, and with the cool of the evening, the coating becomes blue.
  6. Sand sample. Currently, this is a must-have for every fashionista. It seems that is applied with an ordinary paint, but over time it becomes grainy. Larger grains offers beauties caviar or velvet cosmetics.
  7. Fluorescent specimens. The most suitable decoration for the night, because they attract attention to themselves in the dark.
  8. Hypoallergenic formulas. Save those ladies whose skin reacts to contact with the nails painted with questionable composition.

Необычные лаки для ногтей 2

Earlier women a glimpse of interesting shades of nail polishes. Today, this narrow period in art got an incredible push forward. And stylish lady has got another opportunity to be unique.

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