необычные свадебные платьяMany girls dream about their wedding from an early age, and all the details of wedding outfit thought through long before the celebration. Someone wants a classic outfit that is not going to divert a lot of attention, others see as the best option, only unusual wedding dresses, which should be the main stars of the holiday, staying in the memory of guests and memorable photos.

Original costumes for every occasion at the present time is not uncommon, and the wedding dress is no exception.


Reasonable measures unusual design

If the bride is not inclined in daily life to wear a trivial sets of clothes, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the wedding dress she selects the normal style. But the originality of the original strife, and you should always keep common sense when it comes to choosing dresses for the wedding.

Too artsy design can border on bad taste and vulgarity, which can be expressed more clearly when certain characteristics of the shape of the bride, for example, when a large chest or the total fullness of the figure.

If you are going to buy an unusual wedding dress, talk with friends, stylist, so as not to lose face in front of numerous guests and not to blush, browsing through many years of wedding photography.

Unusual wedding suits for men makes sense, if the bride’s gown in the same style. For example, it may be a national costume with bright ethnic details, set in a retro style or suit, which refers to distant Baroque or Rococo. Theme theme wedding is an occasion for conformity with the style of unusual suit of the groom and bridesmaid dresses.


Flowers and color – a simple solution for fancy dress

The easiest way to choose beautiful wedding dresses is to pay attention or in a color different from the traditional white or floral motifs in the design. Both of these solutions seem to be the most secure provided the measure, because the original shade of the gown can coexist quite well with classic design and colors that can be familiar for a wedding celebration? Shades of dresses can be very diverse. In fact, there are no restrictions on color for the modern bride does not exist, but this does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to style and fashion trends.

For example, unusual wedding dresses 2014-2015 is outfits in shades of red fully or individual elements. The most popular steel classic options – red, or dark red, turning into wine, Burgundy. Popular trend – decoration shade of red or bodice or skirt or petticoat, Flirty looks in the dress design “mermaid” or “Princess” in the medieval style.

The combination of black and white is a dangerous and daring, is also popular. Black used very carefully, for example, as an accessory – a black bow belt, black rim of the person or skirts, the second layer of the skirt is black, it is unusual and in trend.

Unusual wedding accessories will look appropriate, and according to the occasion, if you choose a floral theme. Incredibly feminine looks large rose or branch with a few roses adorning one side of his face from the side, which also can be combined with pink elements on the waist or lower on the skirt. The more natural look of the flower, the better. If you do not want to overload the decoration of the dress, your choice of floral tiara, crystal tiara with fanciful motifs in the style of a ballerina.

Hat for the wedding can be as sleek, compact, and original, dilatory attention, for example, with decorative flowers or fruit. Hat with long heavy veil suddenly back in wedding trends, and for many, this trend would be an amazing discovery when choosing wedding accessories.


The most unusual wedding dresses

When selecting an original wedding dress will focus on throwing the design of any one part of the bodice or skirt, then the image does not seem to be overloaded and complicated. If you want an interesting bodice, perfect for girls with small Breasts, you can choose dresses with bodice flower-shaped, in which cleavage is covered with sharp petals with a strong asymmetry. But it is always easier to find a non-trivial decor skirts.

Unusual skirt wedding dresses are almost always very large. Designers love to experiment with layered skirts, heartily sporting over the splendor of each layer, turning the dress into a real cake. Several layers of skirts can be vertical or diagonal, decorated with lace ruffles or steep ruffles accent color, such as black, blue or red on a white base.

Skirt-tank – the solution is simple and unusual, and the balloon may be as ultrashiny, in medieval style, and dress styles of the late nineteenth century, combined with a minimalist design.

In 2014-2015 in clothing popular prints-blende, which creates the effect of a more complex outfit than in reality. For example, dress elegant cut with minimal decor, literally drawn the other dress is more complex, three-dimensional, multidimensional. So on the simple skirt is bell depicts another multi-layered, with lace and bows. This new trend allows, while remaining within its minimalist style, amazing people fresh trends in wedding fashion.

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