польза контрастного душаThere are many water treatment with a complex activity that helps improve the body and solve some health problems. Among them is a douche, the essence of which is the change of water temperature from cold to hot. This difference determines the effectiveness of the procedure. Use contrast showers multilateral, it can be taken as a preventive measure to maintain good health and immunity, and for medicinal purposes. In the second case refers to the presence of diseases, this means that the need and feasibility of contrast shower must be agreed with the doctor, so as not to harm the body.

What is the use of douches

Douche provides the body is exposed to a jet of water of different temperature is alternately hot and cold. Holoda water causes a sharp narrowing of blood vessels, hot dilates them. Procedure contrast shower, which should last no more than 10 minutes, is a great workout for the walls of blood vessels, increases circulation, trains the heart muscle, boosts your metabolism, gives energy.

Useful if a contrast shower for the heart? Useful if it’s healthy. Heart cold shower should be strengthened, maintaining its efficiency, but not to treat, especially in case of serious pathologies.

Useful if cold showers in the evening is an ambiguous question. In principle, a douche can be done morning and evening. In the morning, it allows you to Wake up and gain courage for the day, evening douche shown women who introduce him into the complex program for weight loss. After you get a massage and apply a cosmetic product, leaving him to work all night.

Do not abuse contrasting procedures just before bedtime, as it’s not relaxing treatment. It is better to do it for 2-3 hours before bedtime.

What useful douche – primarily for immunity. This is a standard procedure of hardening of the body, which gets used to the temperature changes. The people who make it a regular procedure, rarely suffer from colds, I feel courage throughout the day. Useful if douche anything in addition to its restorative action? Definitely Yes, but contraindications to dismiss is not worth it.


The lifting effect contrast shower

Temperature change trains not only the walls of blood vessels, it has a positive effect on the epithelium. Stimulates the skin on the production of the collagen-elastin fibers, causing the skin becomes elastic, flexible, age-related changes otsrochivaet, and when losing weight the skin is tightened evenly and fabric not obvious. So douche provides fabric and leather premium liftingeffect, tightening as the skin of the body, and maintaining the shape of the face.


Douche against cellulite

What a douche woman who wants to lose weight is of course to eliminate cellulite. If for proper weight loss, this procedure requires substantial addition in the form of diet and exercise, to get rid of “orange peel”, can sometimes be quite a contrast shower with intensive massage.

Douche with water under pressure effectively soften body fat, gets rid of the subcutaneous fat excess liquid, literally blowing these bumps. A contrast shower for the thighs and buttocks in combination with massage and followed by the application of anti-cellulite means gives excellent results.


Douche against stretch marks

As with the fight against sagging and loose skin, douche helps women to avoid stretch marks as pregnancy and weight fluctuations. the temperature change increases muscle tone, makes the epithelium and the surface of the skin more elastic, and therefore pliable for loads. As a result, the risk of stretch marks is reduced, the skin is stretched without unsightly consequences.


Douche from varicose veins

Varicose veins requires great care in the treatment, and you in any case it is recommended to consult with a physician to do no harm. Against varicose veins douche may prescribe as physiotherapy, which is conducted under the supervision of a specialist, which controls the water flow, pressure and temperature.

Independent application of a contrast shower for varicose veins requires strict compliance with the main rules. First, the temperature must be in the range of 15°C-45°C degrees, secondly, to direct the soul need not top-down, and Vice versa – from the feet to the hip. Each approach should not exceed 20-30 seconds, the total duration of no more than 10 minutes.


Contraindications and application features

The benefits and harms contrast showers are closely interrelated. Someone cold water gives energy, others will experience chills and can catch a cold. The same effect on the blood vessels and heart – healthy cardio-vascular system douches will bring only benefits, but if you take it in a state of fatigue, can cause critical fluctuations in pressure and circulatory disorders with fainting and other disastrous consequences for the body.

Contraindications to the procedure are thrombosis and other vascular disorders, including disorders of cerebral circulation, hypertension and hypotension, heart attacks and strokes in the past. Tumor of any etiology, infectious and inflammatory diseases in the acute stage, pregnancy and menstruation are also contraindications. Not necessary to resort to contrast the soul in a state of nervous tension, stress and depression. If you labile nervous system and you are prone to frequent changes of mood, easily excitable, perhaps you should abandon contrast shower.

The procedure in any case should be fun, do not torture yourself, if you are uncomfortable temperature swings, and you don’t feel any effect. For health, you can find another method, which currently offers an abundance of cosmetic surgeries modern salons and Wellness centers.

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