Spring comes, and all the girls take off their gloves and mittens and reveal to the world their beautiful pen. But during the winter, their status, and in particular nail Polish can significantly deteriorate. Because of the lack of vitamins nails are cracked, broken, thin. What can you do? Some vitamins here, of course will not do. In such a situation will help recently, but has already become a popular procedure for sealing nail wax.
Польза воска для ногтей
But, before I tell you how to do it is to take care of my bed, because it occupies an important place in our lives. Many are scratching their heads over what size of mattress to choose. Given the standard size of most modern twin beds, experts advise mattresses 110 190. They will fit well within the parameters of the bed and leave enough space for a comfortable night’s sleep.
Польза воска для ногтей1
But the time to return to the nails. So what will it take for the procedure? First of all, of course, wax. In cosmetic shops have a wide range of different compositions, enriched with beneficial oils and vitamins. Also need sea salt for bath, in which before the actual sealing’ll bathe your nails. And, of course, batik for polishing, which probably exists in every girl.
Польза воска для ногтей4
The procedure itself is quite simple: first hands soak in the bath with sea salt for about 5 minutes, then gently dried with a towel. Then the fun – you need to take a little wax to distribute it over the entire surface of the nail and baycom as if to RUB in the plate, moving it from side to side. And this must be done very quickly, so that felt warm in place of friction. The result is smooth, even and beautiful nails. But there is one important tip for two days afterward, it is impossible to put any kind of varnish, otherwise all the efforts will go down the drain.

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