Papaya is used in cosmetology mainly because of the enzyme, which is found in its fruits, – papain. It has healing properties, and normalizes the natural functioning of the processes in the body, removes wrinkles and restores proper nutrition of cells.

Papaya long been known in the world; even the Aztec women and girls Mayan was powdered its healing juice. In modern kosmetologii use only the fruits of this plant: from the pulp produced the extract, as of solid stones, extracted from the core of the fruit, make butter. Pleasant taste and smell add the plant attractiveness; the color of the fruit soft peach, pink and orange.

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In different epochs the design of residential and public meetings followed a General fashion, the ascetic interior of the middle ages with severe stone walls, hung with tapestries of manual weaving, were followed by a lush curtains with many gold tassels of the Baroque era. Modern design with curtains combines many styles; the choice depends only on the preference of the designer.

The papaya is a member of many cosmetic masks and creams. Its mild effect on the skin is nice and clear: after first application, the skin becomes more elastic and supple.

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There is another property of papaya, about which we know little: papain, applied to the skin, destroys her hair and prevents further hair growth. This allows you to use the papaya extract part with depilatory creams.

Oil papaya, as the extract contains a lot of vitamins that improve blood flow in tissues and rapid healing; it does not contain papain, and therefore it can also be used to strengthen the hair, making oil masks.

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If used in cosmetic purposes is not finished cosmetic products, and do fresh fruit papaya – the effect will be not less. At home you can soak and a face mask, and cream: just RUB fresh fruit on a grater and apply to cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes. The effect will be noticeable after the first application; the mask not tightens the skin and does not irritate her, as it sometimes happens in procedures with other fruit materials.

The cream also just be enough crushed fruit pulp is mixed with the simplest day cream, and can be used.
Note that papaya produces whitening action; therefore it is not necessary to get involved in its application, if there is a desire to keep a tan. For lifting effect is to make a mask 1-2 times a week.

The amazing properties of papaya make it unique natural cosmetic product, and if you use it consistently, you can achieve a stunning effect of youth and beauty.

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