1. Treat yourself. Perhaps it’s time to go for new cosmetics and purchase natural products for skin care face and body, perfumes or aromas.

2. Add the pepper. In a literal sense. Chili will help you keep warm, spur metabolism, which begins to run at reduced speed with the onset of cold weather, will burn extra calories. Invigorating effect have also spices such as ginger, curry, cumin, and garlic.

3. Change her hairstyle. Moreover, to improve the tone, how to say the Astro, sometimes it is quite… different to do the parting. And all because the manipulation of hair life force energy to flow in a new way. Hair done right, will cause a rush of activity, unlike the forward or left hand. Collected in a bun will help to focus you, and combed back will add determination.

4. Maintain fitness on the storage system. There is no time clock for mandatory training? With the advent of winter lost the desire to play sports? Use the storage system: make morning exercises, go down the stairs and not the Elevator, walk part way to work and home on foot. But do not overload yourself, otherwise you’ll have to go to the doctor.

Summary: the decline of biorhythms is not too significant and your body will not make you fall into seasonal hibernation.

5. Arrange a holiday for two. For ten years at the hands of Mikhail Gorbachev on the first Saturday of November, the world celebrates world day for men – is not a reason in order to please a loved a pleasant surprise? But if he likes it, you can make a “double-2″ on November 19, celebrating international men’s day. And who said that the strong half of mankind little holidays?

6. Turn on the internal engine. In the cold season, we usually have a sedentary lifestyle. But perhaps beautiful and comfortable outfit will encourage you to actively playing sports? Reebok presents updated collection of clothing and footwear, complementing their innovative developments. Their modern design is sure to make every girl to run to the gym and update an outfit.

7. Update your kitchen interior. Famous chefs chorus claim: in the beautiful kitchen you want to create the wonders of cooking! And will help in updating household and kitchen appliances English TM Russell Hobbs. Its distinguishing feature is a unique style and a modern attractive design.

8. Hang home hammock. It is now not only the country fitment. In fashionable Brazilian hammock that easily fit into the interior of a city apartment, so comfortable to take a NAP. And you will dream summer!

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