вакуумный массажAncient Chinese technique of vacuum massage has found its application in the contemporary world. Cupping massage is a very popular type of vacuum therapy, this simple and available equipment allows to achieve excellent health benefits. Negative pressure, coupled with the effect of absorption relaxes soft tissue, removes from the body excess fluid and toxins promotes the resorption of salt deposits, tightens the connective tissue and stimulates blood flow to the skin and muscle tissues. Vacuum massage is quite accessible procedure, it is incredibly effective and useful for health.

About the efficiency of the vacuum massage written numerous works, many of which came to us from the deep past. In modern practice, vacuum or cupping massage is often used to enhance the effect of Spa treatments for the General health and prevention of many diseases.


A bit of history

In ancient times, the practitioners practiced the primitive vacuum massage for sucking the poison after snake bite treatment of skin damages. Vacuum bottles in those days was replaced by hollow tusks or horns of animals. To replace these simple items came jars made of bamboo, and later they were replaced by glass vessels. The Chinese have found the application of vacuum massage in surgery, a practice that would allow to avoid accumulation of blood in the area of operations. Over time, cupping massage spun off into a separate branch of the vacuum therapy, the glory of the miraculous effect of the vacuum massage reached America and Europe, and since then the popularity of massage grows with each year.

Vacuum massage as an independent therapeutic tool or as an addition to the General massage has an excellent relaxing effect, allows to reduce tension and increase circulation. It is often vacuum massage allows patients to get rid of the spasms and the feeling of stagnation in muscle tissue.

Cupping massage of the back is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. For this zone, the specialist uses cans larger strong absorption in combination with massage movements allows you to have a profound impact on muscle tissue. Long movement aimed at conclusion of a superfluous liquid from an organism, circular – on stimulation of blood circulation, relieving congestion and breaking sites. Redness of the skin during massage is a perfectly normal phenomenon that testifies to the rush of blood to the skin surface.

Vacuum massage considerably raises efficiency applied to the skin immediately after the procedure, liquid ointments, analgesics, essential oils and plant suspensions.

Massage perfectly stimulates circulation and blood flow to the tissues, which provides not only power supply of the muscles and the skin and remove toxins. After the massage you will feel warmth and light tingling, this is quite normal, and says that massage was done correctly. This vacuum massage does not cause irritation or damage to the skin, this technique allows to affect internal inflammatory processes, not make them worse. Vacuum massage is combined perfectly with colour therapy, for example with cold compresses or fluid ointments.


The session of the vacuum massage

For carrying out of vacuum massage will need a minimum set of tools: jars, isopropyl or meth, cotton swabs, candle or a lighter, and a clip for tampons. Light a candle, on a cotton ball, apply 5-10 drops of alcohol, be sure to use the clip. Apply with a cotton swab to the candle, so close that he was on fire, then place it inside the jar. Quickly remove the tampon and put the Bank on the patient’s body upside down. High temperatures creates a vacuum that draws a jar to the skin. If the jar is not stuck, repeat all steps again. If you have a special set for vacuum massage, simply place the jar on the skin and using a pump to remove her air.

Distinguish between stationary vacuum therapy and directly vacuum massage. Stationary cupping therapy in Chinese medicine used to get rid of stagnant phenomena, in particular from the stagnation of blood, for the withdrawal of the organism is pathogenic factors, and also to reduce internal heat. For this cans were placed on the patient’s skin and leave on for about 15 minutes. Sometimes used four to six jars, which then filmed in a circular motion. Both techniques were widely used in the treatment of pulmonary congestion and to reduce body temperature.

Fans and practitioners of Oriental medicine widely used vacuum massage for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

For the massage the patient’s body abundantly greased with vegetable oil. Oil provides soft massaging movements and easy slip jars. Pre-installing the place of greatest tension or stagnation, place the jar in the area and begin to massage the area with sliding movements. No need to press the jar to the skin, additional pressure reduces the effect of absorption.


Value of pressure

If you practice vacuum massage, necessarily during this procedure, ask the patient how comfortable it feels. This type of massage is suitable for work on any part of the body, including the neck division of spine, shoulders and chest. Vacuum massage of the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and typically requires a lesser degree of suction and pressure on the skin. Experts recommend starting with weak absorption, gradually increasing effect. Often, after vacuum massage bruises and bruises, and if the ancient Chinese saw this additional evidence of the effectiveness of therapy, modern experts are gentler approach.

The intensity of cupping therapy depends on a number of factors:

  • how quickly the jar is placed on the skin after removing a burning fuse.
  • how strong is the flame (some alcohols burn better, others worse)
  • the size of a jar
  • when using vacuum massage device, the power of absorption is regulated by the pump.

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