Manicure is one of the means of expression of the beautiful half of humanity. Nails turned into another stylish attribute, which can many times to change, to paint, to shape or simply cover plain varnish.
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Often women do salon manicure in anticipation of any holiday. In beauty salons, along with treatments for hands, you can offer and the latest trend of body care – wrap. Thanks to the professional tools and the latest technologies, body skin will become more elastic and shape will change.

There are several types of manicure, starting with the classics of the genre – ordinary coating of the nail lacquer with design or without, to all kinds of nails. Classic edging manicure is a manicure, where the cuticle wizard special tools.
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Classic manicure – something akin to “ambulance” for nails, and no matter in what condition they are. The French are known for their simplicity and grace. Perfectly suitable for absolutely any image and any clothing and harmonious with the whole color palette.
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The procedure for conducting any type of manicure is as follows. First of all, the nail podpalivajut. Then handle ladies are placed in a special bath with aromatic oils or salt. This procedure is necessary in order to steam the skin and subsequently delete it. The cuticle is made using a special spatula, which the cuticle is lifted, after which poddavatsa and removed with tweezers and manicure scissors. At the conclusion of the procedure, the wizard causes the skin around the nail and the nail plate special oil that will soothe and heal the skin, will strengthen women’s fingernail.

Such procedures should not be done at home with no special tools, it is better to trust the master who will do their job and give the woman a good mood and charming manicure.
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You can access the history of a manicure and see that French designers have developed this kind of manicure for their models to fit any outfit. Because the model for the entire show not once dressed, walking in the one, then in another new outfit.

The French manicure is ideal for oval nail or nail-spatula, covering, as a rule, is a beige, pink, peach or any other pastel shade. You only need to decide what color will dominate, and to gladden the eyes of their daily way.

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