вазелинVaseline is a very useful product, and in the field of beauty is one of the most accessible means, and for a modest price, you get a truly comprehensive and effective care. On a greased with vaseline nail cuticles will not get lacquer, forehead and ears will not be soiled by dyeing the hair, if applied to the skin thin layer of vaseline. Vaseline care for dry skin, softens the cracks and it is far not the full list of his “good works”. One time vaseline were even used as lipstick hair, but really its influence on hair growth is not proven.

Due to its oily texture vaseline is not the most appropriate product for prone to acne skin, however, the undisputed evidence that the vaseline clogs the pores and causes acne, to date there. Also there is an opinion that vaseline prevents the output from the skin of toxins, secretions of the sweat and sebum. Given this reality, the skin cannot breathe and to be free from harmful substances, all these “filth” clog pores and cause acne.

Skin reaction to vaseline largely depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. The use vaseline covers many areas of our lives, from cosmetics to everyday situations.


Where and how can be useful vaseline


    • If you do not like the thickness and length of your eyelashes, before bedtime, apply to them a small amount of vaseline. Those who have tried this simple tool, argue that after a while regular smearing vaseline eyelash, they began to grow faster, have become thicker and longer.
    • Dry skin will remain in the past, if lubricate daily heel calloused designated vaseline. Wear warm socks and go to bed. In the morning your heels again will be tender and soft.
    • Vaseline and softens dry and rough skin of the elbows.
    • In order cuticle became softer and your fingers looked more carefully, several times a day lubricate the thin skin around the nail vaseline.
    • Good old vaseline – first aid for weather-beaten, chapped lips.
    • The cheapest (and safe) lip gloss – all the familiar vaseline. Melt the vaseline and a few pieces of chocolate in the microwave, stir the mixture, cool to stable solid consistency – chocolate lip gloss is ready.


    • If those are the places where you usually wear perfume, apply a thin layer of vaseline, the scent will last longer.
    • Forget about what vaseline clogs the pores, on the contrary, it is perfectly softens and moisturizes prone to the formation of acne skin.
    • Vaseline is ideal for extremely dry skin. Daily use vaseline will help to remove dry skin and improve its color.
    • From a mixture of vaseline and sea salt is obtained excellent homemade scrub.
    • If lipstick often falls on the teeth, can apply a thin layer of vaseline.
    • Vaseline perfect tool for massage.
    • Heated vaseline successfully replace night cream for the face, which can also be used to soften the skin of hands.
    • Vaseline – the most simple and accessible remedy for removing make-up.
    • Vaseline perfectly protects the skin from exposure to the environment, it is simply indispensable in cold and windy weather.
    • A thin layer of vaseline, applied under eyeshadow, allows to achieve a brilliant effect.
    • If you apply petroleum jelly on the apples of your cheeks, your skin will become tempting humidity.
    • For men vaseline can replace after shave balm, it softens and soothes irritated skin.


    • If you find it difficult to wear an earring in your ear lobe, lubricate the skin with vaseline, you will then put the earring easy and painless.
    • If you mix vaseline and lipstick, got a lovely cream blush.
    • With vaseline easier to shoot close the ring.
    • If you have no gel eyebrows, vaseline will record unruly hairs on the right place and will maintain the desired shape of the eyebrows.
    • Put on vaseline eyelash separates them, gives Shine and works as a water-resistant tool.
    • Vaseline promotes healing and repairing the skin after plastic surgery.
    • Vaseline reduces the formation of dandruff and eliminates itching caused by it.
    • Provides therapeutic effect in defeat poison sumac.
    • Improves skin in atopic eczema.
    • Vaseline – faithful friend tattooists and all fans of body painting. Vaseline prevents the formation of the crust in the fresh tattoos and promotes faster healing.


  • Vaseline will return your shoes and bags Shine and softness.
  • Applied to the tips of the hair vaseline will help to give your hair more healthy, disguised dry split ends.
  • If you didn’t know, vaseline helps to get rid of spots cosmetics on clothing.
  • If to smear vaseline on the neck of the bottles of nail Polish, a cap with a tassel will not cleave to the neck, and you can easily open a bottle when you will need to make use of its contents.
  • If your manicure lost Shine, come to the aid of vaseline. RUB a small amount of this wonder drug in the nails, and they will light again.
  • Before applying bronzer cream or tanning, lubricate dry patches of skin with vaseline, the tool will fall more evenly, and you get a nice tan.
  • And finally one more tip: if you cut the pumpkin on Halloween, lubricate cut pulp vaseline, he will protect them from decay and dry.

If you do not have at home vaseline, enable this archipelagoes tool in the list of nearby shopping.

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