велюровые костюмыUntil recently it was believed that sportswear can be used only for its intended purpose. But it appeared at the beginning of our century velour suits easy to put together, seemingly incongruous: sport and elegance, luxury and functionality. Today fancy costumes plush no one is surprised.


Beauty and sport

Soft velour suits introduced into fashion fashionable American brand Juicy Couture. Before that, it was believed that sport clothing should be purely functional. Of course, things for the sport could be beautiful, but walk in them outside of fitness halls seemed to be bad manners. Plush same suits have a small revolution in fashion clothes for sport was released not only on the streets, she struggled even to discos and clubs.

Velour suits represent pants or shorts in combination with a light курточкой hooded. Pants can be very narrow, tight, but are much more popular free model that tumbles beautiful folds. Jackets are often complemented by comfortable pockets on his stomach. This concise style equally successfully hides small defects in shape and stresses the advantages of appearance.


Triumph of comfort

What is the secret of Teddy costumes? Of course, in the material. There is hardly a man, which will leave indifferent delicate velvety surface of the pile. By adding elastic fibers such fabric is easily stretched, effectively облегая shape, and mysteriously gleaming, attracting views. And now the simple tracksuit starting to look a luxurious expensive thing.

Velour is not simply beautiful, but also very pleasant to touch the fabric. In French «velour» means «velvet», and these fabrics are really very similar. But velour NAP a little longer than that of velvet – the length ranges from three to seven millimeters. Thin hairs reflect light differently, and this gives the impression that the fabric is poured. From gentle velvet spillovers impossible to look away.

Modern varieties velour at seventy to eighty per cent of cotton and twenty to thirty percent polyester. This ratio is considered to be optimal: natural cotton allows the skin to breathe and polyester fabric makes strong and resistant to wear. Elastic fibers fabric stretch in the transverse direction, that provides a perfect fit and amazing comfort.

Plush costumes are absolutely do not constrain movements – that is why these costumes have become popular and as homewear. But unlike other types of clothing, home, costumes made of velour are universal: they can receive visitors, to go to a nearby fitness club or for a jog, run into the store and go for a walk with the dog. The pleasant velvety suit appeared in public with such celebrities and Queen Maud like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow – is it any wonder that suits made of velour immediately became popular?


Still beautiful

Manufacturers like enough of the fact that velour itself looks luxurious. Suits of this material is still and generously decorated with sequins, embroidery, beads, applique. Decorations can be as much of that suit of the side of the sports wardrobe transformed into a refined outfit.

Of course, such ornate costumes are not very suitable for sports but here is a walk in such attire can be very nice. Such decorative suit and to travel outside the city and for receiving guests, and for going to a party in a casual style.


Not everyone and not always

Velour suits have taken their place on the fashion Olympus and obviously not going to leave it. And still need to consider that this type of clothing is not suitable for all. For example, overly full girls better to abandon the costumes plush: like any other fleecy fabric, velour visually fatter, and the shiny surface with further enhances this inappropriate effect. Those who are dissatisfied with their figure, it is better not to risk and buy a dark suit has the silhouette of thin fabric, and luxury suit of plush postponed until better times, when the figure will wear those things.

Velour suit came from sports to fashion, and this means that the girls who prefer romantic style, such outfits unlikely to fit. Teddy outfit will look much better in combination with short haircut or cheerful pony tail, than with romantic curls.

Of course, hardly wholesome woman comes into his head to go in that suit, say, in the theatre or to work, but for the rest it is difficult to find the best outfit. Main thing – to find velour suit size (so that it fitted, but not hugged the body) and to properly combine it with other items of clothes and accessories.


Velour style

The most common mistake commit the happy owner of Teddy costumes, is to combine them with the wrong style accessories. Luxury along I want to find the appropriate footwear and handbag, but do not forget that even the most elegant plush costume is still sportswear, which could hardly be combined with the shoes on heels or evening клатчем.

It is better to prefer shoes in sport style. It may be sneakers or sneakers, shoes or Slippers, but in no case heels. The richer the costume is decorated with the more modest must be shoes, otherwise the image will be too heavy. Therefore, embroidered with pink rhinestones suit better wear a simple monophonic shoes without jewelry. The shoes can be in tone suit or accent. However, even if the suit almost never decorated, it is better to give preference to the maximum simple and concise shoes. For Hiking can come comfortable pumps with гнущейся soles or simple sandals.

The bag to велюровому costume pick up can be difficult. Best soft handbag medium in size and in a tone or accent.

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