велюровые костюмыVelour is often called velvet for the poor, but this does not detract from its merits. Quite the contrary, velour before the velvet is a huge advantage. Not being expensive material, it becomes the basis for many sets of leadership in which many years undoubtedly hold velour suits. Some would say that all these glamorous clothes no more than a whim of the youth, which will be held with age. For other soft velour costumes is an integral part of summer of everyday life, sports and everyday casual-style.


The long-awaited and unexpected trend

велюровые костюмыFashion velour suits lit in the late nineties fo California brand Juicy Couture. Currently these details wardrobe produce very many brands as recognized sports brands, and the special line of houses pret-a-porter. But they are only followers who rest on their laurels bold fashion antics of the creators of the American brand. Indeed, as they did that велюровых costumes nobody thought of as the trend details, and moreover, no one imagined that plush girl’s pants with курточкой can be worn not only in gym, but also in a trendy night club.

The work of the two founders of the brand, Pamela Скайст-levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, began with the creation of clothes for pregnant but it is velour suits brought their Marche huge success. How came that the sports style suddenly got so many fans and was not just a spontaneous seasonal trend, влюблял in himself women of different age, social status and figures over the years?

It was all very simple. Fashion nineties was very controversial category. Multicolored neon, an abundance of black and low-quality synthetics reflected most clearly it is in the sports style. Who does not remember these polyester sets with acid strips, in which the exercise was problematic. And then there Juicy Couture and made a revolution that was only the beginning gained local Californian, then общеамериканские, after which an international dimension.


Contagious example

велюровые костюмы Мадонна


The brand has released an suits made of velour pleasant soft shades and with funny ironic inscriptions. Kits appreciated the stars, and among the first was Madonna, which in the plush suit on the street caught by paparazzi. Velour suits became the object of desire of a huge number of girls who quickly adapted them a pleasant texture for everyday wear.

Velour suit became a fashionable young girls who sought comfort, but cherished her femininity, not intending to abandon it. For this garment very successfully gained a place and time: the end of the nineties was a period, when started mass passion for style glamour. And while some brands produced clothing style glam-chic controversial artistic merits, velour suits suddenly began to be used as a versatile piece of clothing. In fifteen years, much has changed, but those who love velour kits, trousers, shorts and юбочками, continues to successfully find a use for them.


Where can wear velour suit

The answer suggests itself: first of all, in the sport. Velour suits of famous brands are made of cotton with addition of a small amount of synthetic fibers, which gives them a wonderful properties – softness, durability, they are pleasant to the skin, let in the air and removing moisture from the body. In addition, the great merit of creative tandem of Juicy Couture that suits they offered suitable very skinny girls, and full piece, which they will not become unprofitable to emphasize облегая in the problem areas.

During its existence on the fashion front of the image велюрового costume has undergone changes that have made it adaptable to other everyday needs. For example, stylish velour kits with leopard print plain black or dark blue or with a floral printed pattern is very easy to make part of a casual style. You only need to separate the two halves of the suit different outfits. For example, wear pants with a long spacious white t-shirt with a pendant on his chest, and jacket enter in another set – with denim trousers, shorts, skirt.

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