Around and around.

But, anyway, and people with sensitive skin more. Among the home ways to bring beauty quickly gained great popularity in the jars with wax, wax strips and depilatory creams.

Relatively creams, they have several advantages. For example, the lack of irritation. If hair is blond and a lot of them, this is one of the best. First, depilation cream you can do while taking a shower (very comfortable), secondly, is a fun, inexpensive, thirdly, it does not leave irritation, and growing hairs remain soft and do not inject. Just don’t forget about caution, as we deal with chemically active substance, therefore before applying the cream carefully read the instructions to him. Its main recommendations are simple and intuitive: lotion for 5 minutes and not leave longer than 10; do not apply on moles, scars and wounds; not apply to the face, chest, labia (legs, arms, underarms, bikini line); not to sunbathe 24 hours after; not to use more often than every 72 hours.

Stripe for stripe.

Method of the use of thermal wax is simple: warmed up the wax, spatula inflicted, striped stuck, detained a breath and decisively break it together with приклеившимися to her hairs. ‘t want the bother of heating and smear, go on wax strips: het in the hands, stuck, smoothed, tore. And that’s happiness! It is advisable to start with the feet on the way to mastering the art proceed to подмышкам and bikini line. Hair removal wax strips on the face, chest, and with labia impossible. Last moreover, poorly feasible yourself if, you certainly don’t have гуттаперчивостью. This, incidentally, the main disadvantage of wax strips – not always convenient to remove the hair even in the «approved» regulations places.

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