винирыBeautiful smile today has become a necessity: even white teeth is a prerequisite appeal. Those who do not have these teeth from birth to the aid of dentists. Today for dental restoration used not only dentures and crowns, and veneers – special pads on the surface of the teeth to give them the right shape and beautiful color.


What are veneers

Veneers are called thin (thickness less than mm) plates of composite filling materials or ceramics. These plates are bonded to the tooth. From crowns veneers differ that cover the tooth with only one or two parties, but not entirely.

Veneers can mask the irregular shape of the teeth or their ugly shade. In some situations, for example, if bleaching does not give the desired result or restoration of teeth for some reason impossible, veneers – the easiest way to make a beautiful smile. Such overlays in most cases are used to make the front teeth aesthetically appealing. They successfully hide too wide gaps between the teeth, paint defects, irregular shape.

The list of indications for the use of veneers is quite wide.

This so-called “tetracycline” teeth, and the teeth, changed colour in the dental manipulations, and wedge-shaped defects, and too wide gaps between the teeth, and the teeth of irregular shape or rotated on an axis.


Varieties of veneers

винирыVeneers are ceramic and composite. Ceramic veneers, which are also referred to as laminates, made in dental laboratories dental impressions. Pre-teeth slightly stitch on the sides, where it is assumed fastening veneers. Lining made of ceramics are usually used in cases when you want to restore multiple teeth. These veneers are strong and durable, they can last even more than ten years, and over time, their hue is not changed.

Ceramic veneers are porcelain or zirconium. Porcelain veneers, in turn, can be made of pressed or unpressed porcelain: pressed veneers are more durable, they last longer. Zirconium veneers are shells of Zirconia coated with a top layer of porcelain. Strength, they are comparable with veneers made of pressed porcelain, and their price is slightly higher.

Composite veneers are good because they can be installed very quickly – during one visit to the dentist. First, the doctor stative the enamel layer, and then cover the surface with thin layers of composite filling material. This method is similar to the normal restoration of teeth by a dentist. This veneer of “fast food” can last from three to five years.

Composite veneers are made on the basis of impressions in the dental laboratory, are more reliable and durable. But to install the dentist will have to visit twice. Quality composite pads teeth slightly worse porcelain, in addition, they often change color. But the cost of such veneers approximately twice lower than the cost of porcelain plates.

To set traditional veneers require preliminary grinding of the teeth.

Without turning possible using Lumineers – thin veneers of porcelain thickness up to 0.3 mm. Lumineers by its strength slightly inferior to conventional veneers are made of ceramic, and can always hide the defects of teeth color as a thin translucent porcelain. In addition, Lumineers slightly increase the teeth in the volume, which, however, usually does not cause the patient any discomfort.



To install veneers can not all. For example, the pads should not be done on patients teeth: caries, periodontitis and other diseases must be cured. In addition, the list of contraindications include:

  • Bruxism is the habit much to bite the bullet or to squeak by them (including during sleep);
  • Malocclusion (direct or reverse);
  • High risk of injury (for example, when the passion for extreme sports, martial arts);
  • Pathological abrasion of teeth;
  • Strong tooth decay, seal on the inner side of the tooth, large fillings, loosening of teeth. In such situations, the veneer will be too much load for a tooth, it is better to put the usual crown;
  • The failure of the enamel coating. When tooth enamel is partially or totally destroyed, it is extremely difficult to securely attach the veneer on the tooth surface.

If you want to restore a large number of teeth, it is possible to combine the veneers to crowns: the latter can usually be installed even on those teeth, which lining is contraindicated. If crowns and veneers made from the same material, the difference will not be noticeable.

Be aware that turning is required before the primary and before re-installations veneers. If the patient wishes to refuse the use of pads, you will need to restore the enamel is lost due to grinding.


Care veneers

Veneers are strong enough, but still treat it carefully. For example, will have to abandon habits to bite through solid objects, open teeth bottles or chew on pencils. In addition, it is necessary to regularly visit the dentist and thoroughly clean your teeth twice a day, not forgetting to use dental floss.

You should refrain from the use of products that have coloring properties. Such foods include red wine, coffee, cocoa, tea, candy and soft drinks bright shades. Of course, completely from your favorite dishes and drinks refuse optional, but after their usage should be good to brush your teeth so that the veneers are not changed its color.

Maria Bykova

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