жилеты 2013Women’s vests are gaining popularity with every new season. And every year we are expanding their fashion-functionality, as design ideas are constantly evolving, offering us new options in combination. Of course, unlike many other fashionable accessories, vest is not a necessity, rather accessory with which you can give zest to his image. Vests 2013 will look stylish, playing the role as an accessory, and full-fledged participant of the image.

Trends 2013

In the collections of 2013 prevail jackets, casual style, among which take the place of honor asymmetric model-leather jackets. These and other models allow to talk about the style of unisex as on the leading trends of modern vests. The abundance of leather and denim jackets with all related accessories rock style is a direct proof of that.

This does not mean that all the fancy waistcoats certainly disfigured and among the many offers from designers impossible to find a feminine vests, really beautiful, sexy, and not just comfortable. Among the styles 2013 you can find different models vests that girls can wear and as a convenient accessory, supplementing the closet, and as a luxurious wardrobe detail.

Denim jackets

Vest denim – this is a classic that remains as relevant and successfully exists in fashion, regardless of the fashion trends. In addition to the dark-blue or blue denim very popular so-called «varenkov», shredded denim fabric, which is combined with deliberately negligent treatment short sleeves. Trendy denim vests have a straight cut and are safe in the combinations of the article of clothing. Seen in collections and asymmetric vest, and a model of dark green and other colours denim, but the classic jeans clothes in 2013 in vests remains at the peak of popularity.

Vests in a motorcycle style

Leather jackets zippers, not departing from a fashion model-leather jackets, which are lightweight summer version jackets there is another trend in fashion 2013. This is the same model-unisex that blur the boundaries between the masculine and feminine style, but not only such leather jackets can be found in the collections. Some designers have decided to deviate from the harsh biker image of these models and made leather jackets stressed women, providing them expressed waist, the belt, the lack of fasteners, elongated silhouette and sexual neckline. Some of them refuse from the black color and the skin, making vests red, beige and even pink.

Feminine vests

Accentuated waist, deep seductive neckline, floral prints, gentle pastel shades and even lace it vests that presented designers in 2013. Such diversity is difficult to predict, it became pleasant fashionable surprise. Advantage of such models is the possibility to add them to the most modest outfits that these vests will look luxurious. These vests to better integrate with minimalist article of clothing that will not be перекрикивать their image, obscuring.

Fur jackets

Jackets from artificial or natural fur is worn not only in winter, which is used by designers, adding to his collection of these models. Fashion jackets 2013 created not only the whole of fur, they have fur inserts, collars, which complement the smooth texture of the material. The most desperate can experiment with your way, wearing a vest-косуху with fur inserts, asymmetrical or lengthened, fully fur vest, which will not go unnoticed by the others. Painted fur fading away, giving place to the splendid natural polar Fox and чернобурке.

Knitted vests

Vests from the Jersey is also a tradition, not knowing seasonal obstacles. Long model of a solid bright or patterned Jersey occupied their niche in the collections, presenting more sustained and tranquil alternative to the skin and fur. These vests have a lot in common with cardigans, and combine them with things in a concise style, allowing them to remain single knitted thing in the dress.

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